Go Woke, Go Broke

As a mom, I'm both fed up and *thankful*, for companies coming out of the woodwork, to show their true colors.  'Thankful' because now I know where NOT to shop.  Like, ever again.

It's as if these companies have a death wish... how have they not learned from Bud Light's fiasco?  If companies are doubling down, then so should we.

CLICK HERE for my Full Woke List.  

Here are a few examples of why companies made the list...

Disneyland  (Rumble Link)

The North Face    (Rumble Link)

The U.S. Navy   (Rumble Link)

We are taking a stand and our voices are being heard.  We shop.  We make music.  We teach children.  We are standing up and speaking out!

"Boycott Target" by Forgiato Blow, Jimmy Levy, Nick Nittoli, & Stoney Dudebro    (Rumble Link)

Alex Stein's Trip to Target     (Rumble Link)

How to Return Bud Lights     (Rumble Link)

Megyn Kelly: Find Your Voices, Ladies     (Rumble Link)

Before heading to Target, WalMart, Amazon, or the like, check these Patriot sources first, and support these companies when you can.

Badlands Media Marketplace  

Mammoth Nation

Patriot Owned Businesses (POB)


Shop America First (ShopAF)

Shop Right Only (SRO)

CLICK HERE for Full Woke List 
Let me know in the comments below if I have something wrong, or if you have more to add.

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