ICYMI: On Monday, Project Veritas released Part One of their "Covid Vax Exposed" series. And it's a doozie!

Yep. You heard right. "This vaccine is full of shit!" exclaimed Dr. Maria Gonzales of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

And it's only day one!

We "conspiracy theorists" have known this for some time now, so please forgive us for being a little excited at the long over due acknowledgement from the Federal level!

Today, Holly Elliot, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Phoenix Indian Medical Center [PIMC], responded to the whistleblower coming forward, in a message to her staff at the DHHS-run hospital:

"We are aware that there is a video circulating on social media about PMIC Covid-19 response and treatments. We take all complaints seriously and will investigate...We recognize that some of the information contained in this video is distressing..."

Elliot went on to direct staff to appropriate outlets available to assist employees with work-related stress.

Project Veritas is releasing their next whistlenlower video regarding the vaccine, on Wednesday, and another on Friday.  O'Keefe promises even more damning evidence as the week progresses.

So buckle up, there's more on the way! 

ALL LIES WILL BE REVEALED, so #holdtheline 

I'll keep ya posted. 

Until then, poke around these sites and soak up the knowledge!


Project Veritas


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