Tucker on Twitter (Updated 9.6.23)
Tucker on Twitter
Updated 9.6.23

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8.31.23 | Tucker on X E22: Larry Sinclair

8.31.23 | Tucker on X E21: Dave Portnoy
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8.29.23 | Tucker on X E20: Viktor Orbán
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8.23.23 | Tucker on X E19: President Donald J. Trump

8.20.23 | Tucker on Twitter EXTRA: President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic

8.14.23 | Tucker on Twitter E16: RFK Jr on Ukraine, Biolabs, JFK

8.10.23 | Tucker on Twitter E15: Former J6 Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund

8.6.23 | Tucker on Twitter E14: The Tate Brothers

7.26.23 | Tucker on Twitter E11: The Tucker and Ice Cube Sit Down Interview

7.25.23 | Tucker on Twitter E10: South Central LA with Ice Cube

7.12.23 | Tucker on Twitter E9: The Andrew Tate Interview
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6.30.23 | Tucker on Twitter E8: Rick Levine aka Admiral Rachel Levine
Rick from Boston is telling us he wants to be known as female Admiral Rachel Levine. Accept his lie or pay the consequences, bigot.
Rumble Link: https://rumble.com/v2x9w40-tucker-on-twitter-e8-rick-levine-aka-admiral-rachel-levine.html

6.27.23 | Tucker on Twitter E7: Irony Alert- War for Democracy Enables Dictatorship

6.22.23 | Tucker on Twitter E6: Bobby Kennedy is Winning 

6.20.23 | Tucker on Twitter E5: It's Safer to be the President's Son Than his Opponent

6.15 23 | Tucker on Twitter E4: Wannabe Dictator

6.13.23 | Tucker on Twitter E3: America's Principles Are At Stake

6.8.23 | Tucker on Twitter E2: Cling To Your Taboos

6.6.23 | Tucker on Twitter: Episode 1

5.9.23 | Tucker: New Show on Twitter

4.26.23 | Tucker Carlson 2.0

More Tucker Clips
I was shocked to see how many Tucker clips I have on my Rumble channel over the past few years.  
Here are the titles and links, in no particular order:

Tucker on Russell Brand: Unsure Why He Was Fired from FOX But Holds No Ill Will

Tucker on Russell Brand: Trump Will Be the Most Significant Thing in American Politics

Tucker on Russell Brand: Chief of the Capitol Police Said J6 Crowd was Filled with Feds

Tucker: Twitter Files 2.0

Tucker Roasts Kevin McCarthy

Tucker: The Pfizer Grift

Tucker on Trump v DeSantis

Extended J6 Footage w/ Tucker Commentary

Dr. Joseph Ladapo on Tucker

Tucker: "Shadowy Cabal of Pedophiles"

OMG | Fox Insider: Tucker, Dominion, Pfizer

Tucker: Intimidation Campaign Against 'Libs of TikTok'

Tucker Carlson OUT at Fox News

Tucker Carlson on the J6 1-Year Anniversary

Tucker on Zelensky's Demands: Up Yours Buddy

Tucker Carlson Talks Wisconsin Voter Fraud

10.6.22 | Pt 1 | Kanye Talks to Tucker

10.6.22 | Pt 2 | Kanye Talks to Tucker

10.6.22 | Pt 3 | Kanye Talks to Tucker

10.6.22 | Pt 4 | Kanye Talks to Tucker

10.6.22 | Pt 5 | Kanye Talks to Tucker

Tucker on Elon’s Attempt to Buy Twitter

Tucker on Scheller, Milley Admissions by Scotty Films

Tucker: Police in Seattle No Longer Investigating Rape

Tucker: What Happens Next with J6 Footage

AOC Celebrates Deplatforming & Tucker Firing

Tucker: Pedophilia Among Elites Seem to be Tolerated

Tucker: Apple’s loyalty belongs to the China Government

Tucker: How Watching Trump 'Exploded' His World Views

Tucker Talks WHO Treaty & Biden Selling Our Sovereignty

3.7.23 | Tucker Rips Schumer's Meltdown About J6 Footage

Kari Lake Assured Tucker That She Will Win

Tucker Carlson DID NOT Get the C19 Vax

Tucker: NSA Hacked Signal Account to Stop Putin Interview

Tucker: Nord Stream Attack Could Trigger an Economic Collapse

Tucker Granted Access to 44k Hours of J6 Footage

Tucker: Being in the Media is Part of the Problem

Tucker Carlson: Evil People Are Wrecking Our Country

Tucker: Biden Was Deeply Involved in Nord Stream Bombing

President Trump on Tucker Carlson Departing From Fox News

RFK Jr: Tucker Had More Dem Viewers than Maddow

Tucker: Mayor Pete Clueless About the Toxic OH Train Derailment

Tucker Discusses Arrests of True The Vote's Catherine & Gregg

Tucker Sums Up Our Rights in 15 seconds

Tucker & Dr. Kheriaty Discuss Public Health Ethics; Nuremberg

Tucker Carlson: Democrat Party is a Child Sacrifice Cult | "Fantasy Land"

Tucker Just Out MK-Ultra Trainer to the Stars on Blast 

Tucker Carlson to Indy Journo Dave Rubin: "You're Living The Dream!"

Tucker on CA Bill to "Punish Doctors for Disagreeing with Newsom”

Tucker: J6 Footage Contain Evidence of Federal Agent Influence

Tucker: Sick Sexualization of Children Happening in Schools Across America

Tucker: Zelensky Tried to Frame Russia for a Ukrainian Missile That Hit Poland

Tucker: There are Members of Congress Controlled by the Intel Agencies

3.8 23 Tucker | AG Garland is a Liar Alleging Officers Were Killed on J6

J6 Footage From Tucker | Capitol Police Escorted QAnon Shaman Through Capitol

Tucker Responds to the CDC’s Attempt to “Fact Check” Him Childhood Vax Schedule

Tucker: No, Joe Biden, You Can’t Have a Federally Funded Ministry of Truth

Berenson on Tucker: Pfizer Working w/ the Govt to Censor CV Vax Skeptics

3.7.23 Pure Panic | Schumer Pleads w/ Fox: Stop Tucker From Airing More J6 Footage

Tucker: Preventing Early C19 Treatment to Make Way for Vax is Accessory to Murder

3.7.23 | J6 Capitol Police Whistleblower on Tucker: Calls for Help Were Suspiciously Ignored

Tucker: Dems Pump Children Full of Pharma-Derived Poison to Make Sure They Can’t Reproduce

Tucker on Video of an Unblinking Biden: Whatever It Is He’s Taking, Share it Man

Tucker: Dems Drag Out Election Results so they Know How Many Harvested Ballots are Needed

Bill O'Reilly: Tucker Was Fired Because of More Lawsuits Coming from a Producer & Ray Epps

Tucker 4.21.23: Wonder Just How Filthy & Dishonest Our News Media Are...?"

Tucker Carlson Patriot Purge Part 1

Tucker on Fox: Hundreds of Navy Seals Await Disciplinary Action for Refusing the CV19VX

Tucker: Censorship Now Defines American Life - Enter Elon Musk

Tucker: Moderna, NIH in Dispute Over Who Owns CV Vax

Musk on Tucker: AI is a 'Black Hole', Needs Regulation

4.11.23 | Trump on Tucker: I Don't Think Biden Can Run Again

Tucker: Dramatic Increase in Cardiac Arrests in Young Athletes

Tucker: Dr. McGrath Dispels Lies About EVs & the Environment

J6 on Tucker | New J6 Footage: Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick's Death

Tucker: Biden's DOJ Going After Political Dissidents

Tucker: SVB is 2nd Biggest Bank Failure in U.S. History

Tucker's Firing | Fox, Dominion, J6, Ray Epps

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