The Pit!!!

Before I jump in, take a look at the teaser Gregg Phillips released this morning about "pulling the ripcord" at the The Pit...

You've seen 2000 Mules right?  (If not, watch it here)

If so, then you're familiar with Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, who presented the geolocation data showing obvious election fraud at the drop boxes.  

Well, Gregg and Catherine say that there is MORE evidence that was left on the cutting room floor, in the making of the documentary.

So. Much. More.

They've stated that the evidence is 10x more damning than that of 2000 Mules.  And it's not just the geolocation data and drop box fraud.  They have evidence of both domestic AND foreign interference in the 2020 Presidential Election. 
(EO 13848 anyone?)

Gregg and Catherine were working with the FBI, submitting evidence on a regular basis.  That is, until the FBI started attacking and threatening them.  Yep, the FBI strikes again!  (shameless plug, get your FBI - Federal Bureau of Insurrection" Tee here)

Game On!

We don't trust the FBI.
We don't trust the MSM.
We don't trust the DOJ.
We definitely don't trust the 2020 election.

We DO trust True the Vote.

So, what's "The Pit"?

The Pit is a meeting, set up by Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht from True The Vote, that is by invitation only with over 100 journalists, influencers, sheriffs, operators, and others. These invitees will be present, at an undisclosed location, to see and hear all of the election fraud evidence, and distribute the information to their followers through their various accounts and work on actionable tactics for fortifying elections across the country.

Citizen journalists, bloggers, truthers, podcasters, from all across the country will be in attendance and spread the information via grass routes.  No need for mainstream media.  But, this is sure to be YUGE and unavoidable, even for the msm to ignore, in my humble opinion.

The invited guests have arrived and are surely just as excited as I am -probably more, since they're actually physically there.

A portion of The Pit will be live streamed by Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) this Saturday, August 13, 2022, starting at 12:00pm EST.

This is a long time comin' and I, for one, am very much looking forward to every second!

Quick note: In Catherine's livestream a few nights ago, she stated "after Saturday, everything will be different".  
Check out Catherine's full stream from 8.8.22 here.

Gregg has already identified some undercover feds who weaseled their way in for an invite, and posted this on Truth Social:


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