Red Pills
Red Pills: They Can Be Hard to Swallow

What's a red pill, you ask?  Morpheus from The Matrix explains it the best, so here you go:


Red pills are not red for Republican nor are they blue for Democrats.  It's just a symbol for truth as displayed in the movie, that has carried on to The Great Awakening.  So let's dig in, shall we?

Have you noticed that things are backwards, upside down, or just plain old don't seem right these days?  We are being lied to on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis, in what seems to be a battle for the narrative.  Except one side has complete control of mainstream media and the government, working hand-in-hand trying to convince you that your neighbor hates you and the government is the only one who can save you.  Are you convinced?  Are you "saved"?  Do you just love all of the control, censorship, division, and threat of war, both civil and international?

If you've been to my website before, you surely have noticed a bunch of 'red pills' front and center.  I'm constantly sifting through the propaganda, in search of facts.  And when I find them, I display them for all to see.  Well, not all.  I've been banned from Twitter, You Tube, Facebook, even LinkTree.  Since I cannot just post to my heart's content anymore, I've compiled the information into little, bite-size, truth nuggets, for your sharing pleasure.  

I don't add a lot, if any, commentary, but I do have a lot of videos, both from mainstream, and independent media outlets, and source links for you to do more research.  

It's simple really.  I want people to DIG, DISCOVER, & then DECIDE.  We need to stop being spoon fed and controlled.  It's time to Wake up!

Today I'm hunkered down waiting on Hurricane Ian to pass through Florida, so I've done a ton of long overdue updates. It's only a matter of time before the power goes out with this storm, so please excuse my sloppy blog post. :)

You'll see brand new categories/red pills for 9/11, Climate Change, Bidenflation, as well as updates to J6, Covid 19, Durham, and more.  So please check them out HERE when you get a chance.  Once you click on a 'red pill' and go to that corresponding page, there's videos, sometimes documents, and most definitely buttons to continue down their respective rabbit holes.

I hope you enjoy the journey and share with others, because knowledge is power!

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