Turn off the TV and MSM. Deprogram yourself from the talking heads feeding you a narrative.  
Instead ... Dig for the truth, Discover the facts, and Decide for yourself.  

The move 'The Matrix' explains the red pill/blue pill option the best.  Here's a clip:

When seeking the truth, regardless of how horrible it is, then you must take the red pill.  Metaphorically, of course.

If you are a new subscriber to my blog, you may have never even been to the home page, where I've organized many categories into red pills.  Please take a minute to click to my Home Page and begin your deep dives.

Here are the current categories you'll find:

Within each 'red pill' are several videos and more buttons linking to more information on that particular topic.  I've tried to make it as shareable as possible, citing all of my sources and providing several links (including a link for every video) so that sharing even just a portion, is easy. Some buttons will lead you back to blog posts, some with lead you to official pages outside of my website.  With all of the data you'll find, I hope that it's at least a good start on your journey for truth.  

If you find this helpful, or have something to add, please feel free to leave comments below and let me know your thoughts.

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