Save America Series: PublicSq.
Local Action = National Impact with PublicSq.
Jessica B. | 8.30.22 | PublicSq.

Over the past few years, we've gotten banned from social media, shunned from stores, used by monopolized corporations, and ostracized by family and friends.  
We've had enough.  Patriots are growing our own networks and supporting each other like never before.

It's time to Save America.  In my new series, I'll be highlighting the Patriot-Owned businesses that are paving a new road forward, going that extra mile, to preserve our American freedoms!

As you may already know from tooling around on my site, I've compiled a list of patriot businesses and listed them here for your shopping pleasure. 
But I am but one person, and patriots with greater resources than mine have done a much better job.  I'd like to go through a few them here, so you can find the best way to support your local community of patriots.

First up, PublicSq!


PublicSq. is a new website and app (Apple, Android & Web) that combines social media with the marketplace.  The company has committed to being free and staying free for both users and businesses.  They're funded by businesses who choose to purchase ad space, although it is not required.  

It's a lot like an app called "Nextdoor", "only you're not giving money to people who hate you".  At least that's how Jack Posobiec explains it on Timcast.  Watch his quick explanation here:

Official Introduction Video:
Michael Seifert, CEO & Founder of PublicSq.

PublicSq. Summary:
  • Free to join via mobile app and web Click Here
  • Local & national marketplace of American-owned businesses (many offer exclusive discounts via the site)
  • List your American-owned business (Free)  Click Here
  • Options to promote your American-owned business (Fee)
  • Engage with other Patriots in social media setting
  • Create and join groups in a censorship-free environment
PublicSq. Values:


PublicSq. App:
  • Discover local and national businesses that share your values.  The Marketplace is a digital network of businesses that share your values and want to serve you. Engaging here gives you access to exclusive promotions from businesses in your area that value the way you see the world.
  • The Community is the best place to find clubs, events, and other social groups that help you get involved right in your area.  Are you a surfer? Then there’s a group for that. How about a reader? Join a book club! Want to volunteer together? You can do that too. The Community allows for you to connect with like-minded individuals who share your values and can join you as you rally behind causes you care about.
  • The Fountain is the ultimate library of resources and tools to push past the media noise in order to find the truth. Empower yourself with the most important research and information on the topics millions of conservative Americans like you care about.


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