A petition for a Grand Jury Investigation Into the CDC and FDA for ‘Willful Misconduct’ Is Accepted by 9th Circuit Court 

Oregon State Senators Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum jointly filed a formal petition for a federal grand jury investigation into both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on August 16th, Children’s Health Defense reported last September.  [full 13pg doc]

On War Room, Dr. Naomi Wolf announced that the 9th Circuit Court has accepted the Oregon lawmakers petition to formally investigate the agencies for willful misconduct. The complaint alleges the CDC and FDA fraudulently inflated Covid fatalities and case numbers and suppressed life-saving therapeutics.  

The CDC adopted a "double-standard exclusively for COVID-19 data collection" that inflated cases and deaths starting early in the pandemic, violating multiple federal laws and distorting mitigation policies, Senators Thatcher and Linthicum told U.S. Attorney Scott Asphaug in their Synopsis of Evidence.  [full 16pg doc]

Linthicum said the "incessant case counts" for COVID jumped out at him early, explaining that his service on the legislative health committee led him to recognize "confusion, or inaccuracies, or kind of manipulation" of statistics on influenza-like illnesses versus COVID, according to Just the News (https://justthenews.com/government/federal-agencies/lawmakers-seek-federal-grand-jury-investigation-covid-19-statistical). 

"It didn't take long to actually see that the data was being scrubbed or sculpted to fit a narrative," he said.

The CDC's National Vital Statistics System told mortality data compilers to emphasize COVID-19 as the "cause" of death in a March 2020 alert, departing from a 2003 federal manual on recording infectious disease as a "contributing factor to death" in the presence of preexisting conditions, the petition [4pg] letter said. 


Regarding COVID diagnosis via RT-PCR tests, the CDC and FDA recommended a high cycle threshold (40) that is widely known to produce false positives by finding insignificant viral loads, Thatcher and Linthicum told Asphaug. 

Public health experts raised the same concerns more than a year ago with The New York Times, recommending cycle thresholds of 35 or lower. The newspaper discovered viral loads were too small to be infectious in up to 90% of "positives" in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada.

Vaccinated people, by contrast, are tested using a cycle threshold of 28, removing false positives and making it "virtually impossible for the public to trust the data they are being presented and the public health policies based upon this data," the senators wrote.

The lawmakers' petition also accuses the FDA of withholding "safe and effective evidence-based treatments" just as the Tuskegee study withheld penicillin from black men with syphilis. 

They name vitamin D and ivermectin, which have "extensive clinical histories of safety following the administration of billions of doses." Doctors who prescribe these for COVID may face loss of license, fines and imprisonment, Thatcher and Linthicum said.

“Federal agencies like the CDC have committed atrocities in the name of ‘public health,’ resulting in extensive collateral damage that transformed society in ways that we are still grappling to understand,” Senator Thatcher in an official statement, according to CHD. 

“The CDC’s unlawful and questionable changes to death certificates related to COVID, the use of false-positive PCR tests and their callous indifference to individual rights — or science, for that matter — led to fraudulent data that was used to justify sweeping policy changes, not only in Oregon but across the country,” Thatcher continued. 

“Grand jury petitions are a way for any elected officials or individual to help drive forward an investigation into the widespread willful misconduct surrounding the response to COVID-19,” explained attorney Leah Wilson, Co-Founder of Stand for Health Freedom, the holistic medicine and legal nonprofit behind the petition effort. 

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