Put Your Money Where Your Morals Are

It's past time to stop spending your hard-earned money with woke companies who hate you.  Let's support small businesses run by Patriots with conservative values and common sense!

If you're new to Uncensored Storm, you may not know about the "ShopAF" section of the website.  I vetted companies for their conservative and/or "America First" values to compile the ShopAF list (...and you thought the "AF" meant something else *gasp*.  Actually, that too, haha).  Every once in a while I'll do a blog post like this to feature some of the Patriot businesses, as it relates to the current events.  Since the country (and world for that matter) is in such turmoil socially, economically, politically... I thought I'd take this opportunity to list a few that may be helpful these days.  

Don't let food shortages catch you and your family off guard.  There are so many reasons to get stocked up on food, whether it's from food shortages, plant fires, contamination. Just Be Ready.

My Patriot Supply 
  • The original Patriot survival company
  • Offer several multi-month, multi-person food supply packages
  • Survival Seed Vault, Water Filtration Systems, Air Purification Systems, Solar Equipment, Fire Starters, Faraday Bags, First Aid Kits
  • Free shipping >$99 and Financing available 
  • Click Here to Shop.

  • Offer a variety of Food Supply Kits and Safety Kits
  • MRE Food Rations, Disaster Kits, Pet Safety Kits, Senior Safety Kits, Corporate Kits, Water Filtration Supplies
  • 15% Military Discount 
  • Click Here to Shop.

  • Survival Food Kits, Amish Stoves, Sun Ovens
  • Solar Inverters, Batteries, Generators, DIY Solar Kits, Portable Solar Kits
  • Water Storage, Delivery, and Purification
  • Security and Tactical  Gear
  • Wind Power
  • Click Here to Shop.

  • Canned Meats
  • Free Survival Book "The Great American Food Storage"
  • Click Here to Shop.

  • Canned Meats
  • Solar Radios, Solar Power Sources
  • Water Purification
  • Digital Night Vision Monoculars
  • Free Shipping >$75
  • Click Here to Shop.

  • Emergency Fire Starting Tools
  • Military Veteran Owned
  • Free Shipping >$25
  • Click Here to Shop.

All signs point to a crash of fiat money, banks are collapsing, countries rejecting the petro dollar, it may be a good time to invest in gold and silver. (Note: I am not a financial advisor)

  • Purchase MS70 Collectible, Gold and Silver coins
  • Dealer Direct shop
  • Has Membership and Reward program available here 
  • Memberships include: exclusive pricing, monthly coin, retail shopping discounts, health insurance discounts, more.
  • Rewards include: can earn commissions with referrals
  • Click Here to Shop.

  • Purchase MS63+ Collectible, Gold and Silver coins
  • Will also purchase gold and silver from customers
  • Click Here to Shop.

When you get a chance, I invite you to head on over to the ShopAF page and consider supporting these patriot businesses.  When you do, you can rest assured that your purchase won't end up in the hands of the woke mob!  You'll also be supporting me and this site, as I may earn a small commission with some purchases.  So thank you, in advance! :)

Do you have a Conservative, America-First, Patriot Business?  Let's get you in front of people who want to support you!
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