Highly Suspect - My Name Is Human
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Another day in the life of the Biden Residency!

Ron Watkins [Codemonkey] has a message [in person] for Arizona AG Mark Brnovich: 'to do what's right, #youmustindict '

Ohio's largest Human Trafficking bust, 161 including a city councilman

Eric Greitens: Joe Biden is the largest child trafficker in the world right now

Merrick Garland's motivation to blast parents who are anti-CRT : his daughter is married to co-founder of company that sells CRT resources

Lt Col. Stuart Scheller released from the Brig

More fake sets of the fake White House for the fake president

Fake Facebook whistle blower was involved in suppressing Hunter story

Project Veritas Pfizer REAL Whistleblower with bombshells

Search engines served with "keyword warrants"

The Great Awakening... It's going to be #BIBLICAL

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