NEWSIC Full Catalog


Dates, artists, and songs are listed below.  Click on the date range to bring you to the page with the corresponding NEWSIC videos.  Most of these videos were produced by Scotty Films, some by Absolute Conviction 1776, and a few are from random artists. Credit is attached to each video. Be sure to follow them, there is A LOT of talent here...Enjoy!


22-Jun-22 The Doors Riders on the Storm
23-Jun-22 Bobaflex Bury Me With My Guns On
24-Jun-22 Annie Lennox & Al Green Put A Little Love In Your Heart
24-Jun-22 The Smashing Pumpkins Today
24-Jun-22 Thin Lizzy The Boys Are Back In Town
25-Jun-22 Cypress Hill When the Shit Goes Down
26-Jun-22 Live Lightning Crashes
28-Jun-22 The Fixx One Thing Leads To Another
29-Jun-22 The Cars Drive
29-Jun-22 Sade Smooth Operator
30-Jun-22 Blues Image Ride Captain Ride
01-Jul-22 Steve Miller Band Abracadabra
02-Jul-22 Rick Derringer Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo
03-Jul-22 Disturbed The Sound Of Silence

04-Jul-22 Jeffrey Steele I'm An American
04-Jul-22 New Radicals You Get What You Give
06-Jul-22 Imagine Dragons Bad Liar
06-Jul-22 The Charlie Daniels Band The Devil Went Down to Georgia

6.5.22 - 6.20.22 

05-Jun-22 Steve Miller Band Abracadabra
06-Jun-22 Johnny Cash The Man Comes Around
07-Jun-22 Weezer Island In The Sun
09-Jun-22 John Rich Earth to God
10-Jun-22 Stealers Wheel Stuck In The Middle With You
12-Jun-22 Bloodhound Gang Fire Water Burn
12-Jun-22 Inner Circle Bad Boys
13-Jun-22 Disturbed Are You Ready
14-Jun-22 The Hollies Long Cool Woman
15-Jun-22 Five Finger Death Punch Welcome To The Circus
16-Jun-22 The Rolling Stones Time Is On My Side
17-Jun-22 The Youngbloods Get Together
20-Jun-22 Rage Against The Machine Wake Up
20-Jun-22 Pink Floyd Money

5.23.22 - 6.3.22

23-May-22 R.E.M. Drive
23-May-22 Guns N' Roses Civil War
24-May-22 Scorpions Wind of Change
25-May-22 Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up
26-May-22 Weezer Say It Ain't So
25-May-22 Blur Song 2
28-May-22 John Mellencamp Crumblin' Down
30-May-22 I Prevail Breaking Down
31-May-22 The Rolling Stones You Can’t Always Get What You Want
01-Jun-22 Dirty Heads Oxygen
02-Jun-22 Dobie Gray Drift Away
03-Jun-22 Eric Church The Outsiders

5.7.22 - 5.22.22

07-May-22 Linkin Park In The End
09-May-22 Jesus Jones Right Here Right Now
10-May-22 Bob Marley & The Wailers Redemption Song
11-May-22 Collective Soul The World I Know
12-May-22 Styx The Grand Illusion
12-May-22 Tom Petty It's Good To Be King
13-May-22 Metallica Master of Puppets
15-May-22 Styx Mr. Roboto
17-May-22 Stereo MC's Connected
19-May-22 Phil Collins In The Air Tonight
20-May-22 Filter Hey Man, Nice Shot
22-May-22 The Beatles With A Little Help From My Friend

4.28.22 - 5.6.22

28-Apr-22 Loza Alexander Let's Go Brandon
28-Apr-22 Europe The Final Countdown
29-Apr-22 Switchfoot Dark Horses
29-Apr-22 Hank Williams Jr Family Tradition
02-May-22 Twisted Sister We're Not Gonna Take It
02-May-22 Mad Season River of Deceit
03-May-22 Greta Van Fleet A Change Is Gonna Come
03-May-22 Grandson Blood in the Water
04-May-22 Chevelle The Red
05-May-22 Manfred Mann Blinded by the Light
06-May-22 B.o.B Ghost in the Machine
06-May-22 Tom MacDonald The System

4.19.22 - 4.27.22

19-Apr-22 Forgiato Blow Hey Disney
20-Apr-22 Chris Webby Raw Thoughts V
21-Apr-22 Oasis Wonderwall
21-Apr-22 Radiohead Karma Police
22-Apr-22 The Who Getting in Tune
23-Apr-22 The Edgar Winter Group Free Ride
24-Apr-22 Trevor Hall Fire On Your House
25-Apr-22 Flobots Handlebars
25-Apr-22 The HU Wolf Totem
26-Apr-22 Avicii Hey Brother
27-Apr-22 Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird
27-Apr-22 Canned Heat Let's Work Together

4.10.22 - 4.19.22

10-Apr-22 Nirvana Something in the Way
10-Apr-22 Tyson James Empire of Lies
11-Apr-22 Uncle Lucius Keep The Wolves Away
11-Apr-22 CCR Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
12-Apr-22 Al Wilson The Snake
12-Apr-22 AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
13-Apr-22 Queen Another One Bites the Dust
14-Apr-22 Michael Jackson Rockin' Robin
14-Apr-22 Bobaflex Bury Me With My Guns On
16-Apr-22 Deep Purple Smoke on the Water
18-Apr-22 TOOL Schism
19-Apr-22 One Republic Counting Stars

4.2.22 - 4.9.22

02-Apr-22 Struggle Jennings God We Need You Now
04-Apr-22 Elton John Rocket Man
04-Apr-22 The Who Won't Get Fooled Again
05-Apr-22 The Animals We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
05-Apr-22 Nirvana Something In The Way
06-Apr-22 Foreigner Head Games
06-Apr-22 CCR Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
07-Apr-22 Imagine Dragons Warriors
07-Apr-22 Disturbed Down With The Sickness
08-Apr-22 Radiohead Creep
09-Apr-22 Johnny Rivers Secret Agent Man
09-Apr-22 Nirvana Something In The Way

3.29.22 - 4.3.22

29-Mar-22 The Toadies  Possum Kingdom
29-Mar-22 Beastie Boys  Sabotage
29-Mar-22 TOOL  Ænema
29-Mar-22 The White Stripes  Seven Nation Army
30-Mar-22 Talking Heads  Burning Down the House
31-Mar-22 John Mellencamp  Crumblin' Down
31-Mar-22 Shinedown  Planet Zero
31-Mar-22 Zayde Wolf  Gladiator
01-Apr-22 REO Speedwagon  Ridin' The Storm Out
02-Apr-22 Starship  We Built This City
03-Apr-22 Eric Clapton  Let It Rain
03-Apr-22 The Smashing Pumpkins Bullet with Butterfly Wings

3.23.22 - 3.28.22

23-Mar-22 Johnny Cash  God's Gonna Cut You Down
24-Mar-22 The Who  Getting In Tune
24-Mar-22 Tears For Fears  Everybody Wants To Rule The World
25-Mar-22 PSY   Gangnam Style
25-Mar-22 Kenny Loggins  Highway to the Danger Zone
26-Mar-22 Steve Miller Band  Fly Like An Eagle
27-Mar-22 Spacehog  In the Meantime
27-Mar-22 The HU  Wolf Totem
28-Mar-22 Dobie Gray  Drift Away
28-Mar-22 The Verve  Bitter Sweet Symphony

3.11.22 - 3.23.22

11-Mar-22 Greta Van Fleet  A Change Is Gonna Come
12-Mar-22 Tyler Childers   Nose On The Grindstone
12-Mar-22 Stereo MC's  Connected
13-Mar-22 Kid Rock  We The People
14-Mar-22 Oingo Boingo  Weird Science
14-Mar-22 Cypress Hill  When the Shit Goes Down
15-Mar-22 Fatboy Slim  Rockafeller Skank
15-Mar-22 Red Hot Chili Peppers  Dark Necessities
16-Mar-22 Live Selling The Drama
16-Mar-22 Queen   Under Pressure
16-Mar-22 Pink Floyd  Money
17-Mar-22 P.O.D.  Boom
17-Mar-22 The Offspring  Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
18-Mar-22 Trio   Da Da Da
19-Mar-22 Creed  One
20-Mar-22 Doobie Brothers  Jesus Is Just Alright
20-Mar-22 Kaleo  Way Down We Go
21-Mar-22 Jack Johnson   Upside Down
21-Mar-22 Stick Figure  Above the Storm
21-Mar-22 Travis Tritt  It's a Great Day to be Alive
23-Mar-22 Johnny Cash  God's Gonna Cut You Down
23-Mar-22 Eagles  Desperado

2.20.22 - 3.10.22

20-Feb-22 Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun  New World Order
21-Feb-22 Ludacris   Roll Out
21-Feb-22 Cake  War Pigs
22-Feb-22 AC/DC  For Those About To Rock
23-Feb-22 Creedence Clearwater Revival  Suzie Q
24-Feb-22 Tom Morello  Hold The Line
25-Feb-22 Pop Evil  Art of War
26-Feb-22 Glenn Frey  The Heat Is On
28-Feb-22 Uncle Lucius  Keep The Wolves Away
01-Mar-22 Golden Earring  Twilight Zone
01-Mar-22 Beastie Boys  Sabotage
02-Mar-22 Matthew Wilder  Break My Stride
03-Mar-22 Tool   Schism
04-Mar-22 Fleetwood Mac   Little Lies
05-Mar-22 Spacehog   In the Meantime
05-Mar-22 Tom MacDonald In God We Trust
05-Mar-22 Flobots  Handlebars
06-Mar-22 Metallica  One
06-Mar-22 Kansas  Carry on Wayward Son
07-Mar-22 Inner Circle  Bad Boys
08-Mar-22 The Who  Who Are You
08-Mar-22 Human Trafficking Pandemic: Good v Evil
09-Mar-22 Vanilla Ice  Ice Ice Baby
10-Mar-22 Beck  Where It's At
10-Mar-22 Twenty One Pilots  Chlorine