The incoming trove of J6 footage is going to exonerate J6 Patriots and prove that what all of us have been saying this whole time is, in fact, true. J6 was a FF by [them] in an effort to take down Trump & MAGA. 

(Psssssst - It didn’t work)

Keep checking the J6 Red Pill for more J6 footage.  Here are a few of the latest J6 videos I've found (shareable links for individual clips are below in the credits).

Jake Chansley (aka "Shaman") Reads DJT's Tweet to Stay Peaceful, Go Home

New J6 Footage | Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick's Death

New J6 Footage w/ Tucker Commentary | Capitol Police Escorted QAnon Shaman Through Capitol

Tucker Carlson announced that his show has been granted access to 44k Hours of footage from January 6th "We believe that access is unfettered. We believe we have secured the right to see whatever we want to see."

This is not ideal, of course, but it's something. We will need to make it a much BIGGER something by sharing like crazy once we lay eye on it.  So, I will be adding more videos to my J6 red pill as soon as I find them.  The shareable link is

And this is pretty big!! >> Alexandria Pelosi (Nancy's Daughter): J6 Was Not An Insurrection

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