US v. Ghislaine Maxwell - Day 6

U.S. v Ghislaine Maxwell Transcripts

DAY 6  [12.6.21]

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Trial Day 6, beginning with Judge Nathan ruling on the admissibility of exhibits.

Now before the jury comes in, Judge Nathan is reading rulings on exhibits.

Judge Nathan: The pictures on the wall [of Epstein's massage room] risk prejudice and distracting the jury. They should be redacted. The other photos, of vibrators, the court will exclude.

Judge Nathan: I will also exclude the photos of the "creepy animals" Jane testified to. The tigers, for example, are high idiosyncratic. The schoolgirl uniforms may be admissible, depending on the testimony.

Judge Nathan: For exhibits the jury has, the public should get the redacted version.

Judge Nathan: So when the jury comes out, what would you like me to tell them?

Maxwell's lawyer: That the parties have reached a stipulation about the last witness and that to not to call him back we will read in the stipulation.

AUSA: Uh, could we have a sidebar?

Judge Nathan: Bring the jury in. [Then] Please be seated. You may recall the last witness from Friday, they parties have a stipulation. Mr. Everdell?

Maxwell's lawyer Everdell: It is hereby agreed by US Attorney Damian William and Maurene Comey etc of counsel and Ghislaine Maxwell that the witness would have said that the cardboard box was found in the closet of a guest bedroom had items unopened. Def Exh B.


Assistant US Attorney: The government calls "Kate."

Judge Nathan: The witness testifying under the name Kate may come forward. [Adds notice to sketch artists to not be accurate.]

AUSA: Jurors should pick up there binder and turn to Exhibit 16, under seal.

AUSA Pomerantz: Kate what's your work?

Kate: I work with women who are victims of trauma.

AUSA Pomerantz: What did you do before?

Kate: I was a musician and singer.

AUSA: How did you meet Ms. Maxwell?

Kate: I had a boyfriend who introduced me to her in Paris.

AUSA Pomerantz: When did you next see Ms Maxwell?

Kate: A few weeks later. I went to her home for tea. I saw a photo of her with a man with salt and pepper hair.

AUSA: Did you find out who it was?

Kate: Jeffrey Epstein.

AUSA: So where did you meet Epstein?

Kate: At Maxwell's townhouse. She invited me over. Jeffrey Epstein was in sweat clothes speaking on the phone very loudly. Maxwell told him I was surprisingly strong for my size. He asked for a massage; he said he liked it.

Kate: Then Maxwell told me that the massage therapist had canceled and that I should give him the massage since my hands were too strong.

AUSA: Did she comment on how often Epstein needed massage?

Maxwell's lawyer: Objection - leading.

Judge Nathan: Sustained.

AUSA: What was Epstein wearing?

Kate: A robe. He took it off.

AUSA: What was he wearing under?

Kate: He was naked.

AUSA: Was Maxwell there?

Kate: Yes

AUSA: Did Epstein initiate sexual contact with you?

Kate: Yes. Then Maxwell said, How did it go? Did you have fun?

Kate: Later Maxwell told me to find someone to give Epstein a blowj*b. She said he needed to have sex 3 times a day.

AUSA: When ypu first met Maxwell and Epstein what was your understanding of their relationship?

Kate: I thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Kate: Maxwell told me she was friends with Prince Andrew, Donald Trump. The names would just come up in conversation.

AUSA: What gifts did you receive from Maxwell?

Kate: A small black Prada bag for my 18th birthday.

AUSA: After sex with Epstein?

Kate: Yes, after.

AUSA: Were you given clothes to wear at Epstein's Palm Beach house?

Kate: Yes, a schoolgirl's outfit with a short skirt, white panties and white socks.

AUSA: Did there come a time you stopped communicating with Epstein?

Kate: Yes. In my late 20s.

AUSA: Were you compensated by the Epstein Victim's Fund?

Kate: Yes.

AUSA: Are you planning to sue Maxwell?

Kate: No.


Judge Nathan: We'll take a break now, jurors.


Now Maxwell's lawyer Bobbi Sternheim cross examination of Witness Kate:


Sternheim: You had a beautiful mother, didn't you?

Kate: Yes.

Sternheim: And your step father was rich and you lived in the Belgravia section of London, didn't you?

Kate: Yes.

Sternheim: You were an international model?

Kate: I was a model.

Sternheim: You were dating an older, prominent gentleman who was an Oxford classmate of Ghislaine, correct?

Kate: Yes.

Sternheim: You were a model for a UK version of Victoria's Secret?

Kate: No. The company failed almost right way.

Sternheim: But you were a lingerie model?

Kate: Yes.

Sternheim: You were in a piano bar and were discovered by the musician Seal, right?

Kate: No.

Sternheim: But you said that. You acted in movies?

Kate: I did not have speaking roles.

Sternheim: You were in a movie with a very well-known UK actor, correct?

Kate: Yes

Sternheim: You spoke publicly, in your own name, in this courthouse, right?

Kate: Yes.

Sternheim: You were invited by a judge in this courthouse, Judge Berman, to speak, and you spoke, right?

Kate: Yes.

Sternheim: And you've spoke with Virginia Robert Giuffre?

Kate: Yes.

Sternheim: You used drugs for 10 years, right?

Kate: Yes.

Sternheim: And you dated other men, right?

Kate: Yes, I dated men.

Sternheim: And you even married one of them?

Kate: Are you asking me if I've been married?

Sternheim: And you were with a prominent restauranteur?

Kate: I was with a man who owned 2 restaurants.

Sternheim: Didn't a tabloid encourage you to get a man connected to the royal family to buy cocaine?

Kate: Not exactly.

Sternheim: And that became a big tabloid spectacular, right?

Kate: I suppose.

Sternheim: When were you last in contact with Epstein?

Kate: 30s.

Sternheim: Give me a date.

Kate: I don't have a date.

Sternheim: How old are you?

Kate: 44.

Sternheim: Aren't you trying to get a victim's visa? Isn't this your name?

Kate: My visa application is based on extraordinary ability.

Sternheim: Which one?

Kate: Music teaching to treat trauma.

Sternheim: Any unlicensed music coach can get it?

Sternheim: Nothing further.


Judge Nathan: Re-direct?

AUSA: Let's take the lunch break.

Judge Nathan: OK.


OK, the jury is finally back in, for re-direct of still pseudonymous witness Kate, starting with her award from the Epstein victims' fund.

[Re-direct of Kate??]

Next US witness: Patrick McHugh of JP Morgan Chase: "I'm an officer of the firm. I can speak to who is authorize to access accounts and the like."

[Assistant US Attorney names a slew of financial exhibits and calls them public exhibits. We'll see when we get access to them.]

Pending getting all these exhibits, the current one shows a wire transfer involving Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell for $7,400,000, JPM Chase and BONY Mellon.

Now JPM's McHugh is being asked about helicopter purchase.

The exhibits as shown on the screens are blurry - will have to wait to get access to legible copies.

Maxwell's lawyer: This document doesn't show who approved it, right?

McHugh: Yes, the statement does not


Next witness is FBI's Ms. Kelly McGuire, Special Agent.


AUSA: What is this?

Agent McGuire: The front view of the resident [at 9 E. 71 Street]. When there was no response, we forced our way in.

AUSA: Did you come across the massage room on the third floor?

McGuire: We, we did. This photo, 902r, is the entrance to the massage room.

AUSA: And 903r?

McGuire: It's the massage room.

[The pictures on the wall are redacted, in the public exhibit]

Slip of the Tongue Temporarily Derails Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

-      Continued -

McGuire is done.

Judge Nathan asks if the US has a short witness (for the next 10 minutes).

Now starting: another FBI agent.

AUSA: Does each FBI investigation have its own number?

Agent: Yes.

AUSA: Did you review CDs in 2020?

Agent: Yes, with Amelia Young.

AUSA: We offer into evidence this photo of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Judge Nathan: We'll break for the day.

Jurors, have a good night. Counsel? Anything we need to take up?

Maxwell's lawyer: We object to the photo of our client lying on a boat

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