Maui Fires - Updated 8.24.23

Maui, Hawaii Fires

Updated 8.24.23

DEW Patent:

Would it surprise you to know that there's a patent on Direct Energy Weapons? neither. 

Full Patent (23 pgs) -

DEW Patent pg 1

Updates from Social Media:

Hawaiians ARE DONE with mainstream media and "charities" (rumble link)

Watch for Fires | 'Envision America' List to Convert to Smart Cities (rumble link)

Pittsburg, PA
Portland, OR
San Diego, CA
Dallas, TX
Milwaukee, WI
Cambridge, MA
Greenville, SC
Spokane, WA

Maui DEW | Blue Lasers Do Not Burn Blue Items (rumble link)


8.16.23 | Maui Live Coverage and Real Updates (rumble link)

Geoff Cygnus is on the ground in Maui with live coverage and real updates. He's worried for his life and is not suicidal. Please pray for his safety.

Follow him here-

8.16.23 | Maui Resident: Police Blockade Prevented People from Leaving (rumble link)

Local Maui resident says a police blockade prevented people from leaving Front Street in Lahaina as the wildfire came in. (full interview)

8.15.23 | Maui Update: "Deadliest Fire Since 1871" (rumble link)

Kristen Arlen on TT gives an update on the fires in Hawaii: "Maui needs help. Our government has failed us. We are strong as a community but we are tired and frustrated. Why is more money being sent to Ukraine when devastation has happened in our own country?! An amazing human named Blake has been taking donations and getting the people still on the west side what they need. Please consider donating specifically to him here"

I must admit, when she mentioned "1871", I got a chill. js.

8.13.23 | Hawaii Truth Bombs Will Surface (rumble link)

@SpenserfromFlorida on TT

8.11.23 | Fire Update from Maui, Hawaii (rumble link)

@Alib808 on TT 

Oprah Winfrey Connection:

Oprah Winfrey and the Parallels Between Montecito & Maui Fires (rumble link)

@TheTaxAdvocate on TT apparently did some digging on the Oprah connection and land grab in Hawaii. 

...More to come on this.

Joe Biden's Response to Hawaii Fires

Biden on Hawaii Fires: "No Comment" (rumble link)

President Trump's Response to Hawaii Fires

President Trump: Sympathy and Warmest Regards for those affected by the Catastrophic Tragedy in Maui, Hawaii
President Trump speaks to the people in Maui Hawaii. (

Trump calls out the Governor for blaming it on global warming. He also calls out Biden for laughing and saying "no comment" when asked about it.

Interestingly, he compares the reaction of Biden to the East Palestine Ohio train derailment.

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