So Biden was "elected" with the "most votes ever", huh?

And as of today, November 10, 2021, less than 10 months in office, his approval rating has dropped from "most popular President in history" to a pathetic 38% approval rating.  And this 38% was reported on mainstream media so we know that it is likely closer to 30%.  MSM is practically on his staff with all the covering for him they're doing!

As the American population starts to wake up, lawsuits have started as well.

Here's a list, that I'll be adding to as people wake from their slumber:

US Navy Seals v Biden
Case #: cv-01236-P
Case Filed: 11.9.21
Full 38pg Case Link:

Rodden v Fauci [class action]
Case #: cv-00317
Case Filed: 11.5.21
Full 69pg Case Link:

Public Interest Legal Foundation v Jocelyn Benson [MI]
Case #: cv-00929
Case Filed: 11.3.21
Full 20pg Case Link:

Navy Seal 1 v Biden
Case #: cv-02429
Case Filed: 10.15.21
Full 120pg Case Link:

VoterGA v State of Georgia
Case #: cv-353604
Case Filed: 9.27.21
Full 10pg Case Link:

Dr. Stella Immanuel v Anderson Cooper/CNN
Case #: cv-00587-ALM
Case Filed: 7.27.21
Full 19pg Case Link:

America's Frontline Doctors v DHHS
Case #: cv-00702-CLM
Case Filed: 7.19.21
Full 67pg Case Link:

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