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Kubrick! The Documentary

This is the story of how Film Director Stanley Kubrick, who died in suspicious circumstances, tried to show through his filmography hidden truths.

From 'moon landing' footage (scroll down for interview with Kubrick re: moon landing) to The Shining to Eyes Wide Shut, did he know and reveal too much?

The Real Eyes Wide Shut: Hollywood Illuminati
by Jay Myers Documentaries

Horned Masks, Illuminati Balls hosted by the Rothschilds family, look like scenes from a movie.

Perhaps Stanley Kubrick had experienced one of the Rothschilds' illuminati events, and was inspired to replicate in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut"?

Stanley Kubrick died shortly after showing his film to the studio. Many believe he was killed because he refused to cut 24-minute scene. The scene included cannibalism, human sacrifice, and ancient luciferian rituals from the movie. He died 24 hours after refusing to cut the scene.

Kubrick died.
The studio cut the scene.
Eyes Wide Shut was released.

Stanley Kubrick's interview about the Moon Landing

Stanley Kubrick who suspiciously died shortly after the film Eyes Wide Shut was filmed, explains the "moon landing" in this rare footage prior to his death in 1999.

Kubrick agreed to this interview with the strict stipulation that the footage would not be released for 15 years.

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