Film Producer John Paul Rice [Remember the Titans, We are Soldiers, Hunger Games] Exposes the Hollywood Elite 

John Paul Rice [IMBD] has produced an independent movie, A Child's Voice, exposing Hollywood pedophilia.

5.5 million Children are Trafficked Around the World" every year.

Although this is a fictional movie, the director has made such an emotional plea [above], encouraging the mass sharing of this, as a lot of the storyline IS ACTUALLY TAKING PLACE IN REALTIME!

A Child's Voice is a supernatural thriller, where a homeless teen answers the voice of a child calling out for help and is sent on a mission to save the life of a young immigrant woman from human traffickers. 

[A Child's Voice has been removed from my platform.  The producer mentions Amazon as a place where it can be watched]

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Vincent Johnson

Date 3/23/2022

Childs Voice can be found free on

Al Seebeck

Date 3/24/2022

Man that is a powerful message and yes the mainstream media keeps audience in fear and with blinders on, if it isn't BLM its the WE movement or the vaccine and mask dilemma. Keep the people scared, divided, then carry on doing evil . Thank you and keep up the work work GOD BLESS

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