Human Trafficking Pandemic: Good v Evil
Music: Tessa, by Steve Jablonsky, and No More Sorrow by Linkin Park
Produced by Absolute Conviction 1776

"Human Trafficking is the ultimate pandemic facing society. We must confront it. We must fight it. We must stop it.   And with that - it is my opinion that Human Trafficking is possibly the worst form of spiritual warfare we face. Taking a Human Being’s freedom … taking a child’s innocence - there are no greater crimes against God.   Make no mistake - it isn’t Republican vs Democrat …. It is Good vs Evil. We are in the midst of a very real, and very heavy spiritual war.  Adorn your armor, fight a righteous cause, and never rest until ever single child, woman, and man is saved from the horror that is Human Trafficking.   In Jesus’ name I pray that these horrible crimes against humanity may one day be assuaged. ????"
- Absolute Conviction 1776

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