The [Bill] Gates of Hell
Bill Gates, philanthropist or sociopath? [Hint: SOCIOPATH!]

I'm sure you've heard "conspiracy theories" on Bill Gates.  

Here's a little insight into where these "theories" came from, so you can come to your own conclusion about him.  Watch a few videos about Bill Gates - some words from his own mouth, some documentaries about him..  

You will not see these videos on mainstream media because, talks. #followthemoney as I always say.  

Here's a documentary about Bill Gates, and why he is not welcome in India.  

Bill Gates: Opportunist and Fraud:

Now watch a few clips from speeches he's made, and some commentary about Bill Gates from those who know, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Bill Gates: The "Doctor" of our Pandemic:

In London, Protestors chant "Arrest bill Gates" outside of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

Bill Gates: "An epidemic, either naturally caused or intentionally caused...":


Michael Koshay

Date 7/4/2022

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