First off, here's the link to read the entire Georgia indictment:

Annnnnd just a few examples of what is now "illegal" according the Georgia district attorneys. *eye roll*

Telling people to watch the news (Act 22, pg 24)
GA Indictment Act 22
Asking people to call lawmakers (Act 38, pg 29)
GA Indictment Act 38
Asking for phone numbers (Act 6, pg 21)
GA Indictment Act 6

Making fun of Mike Pence (Act 140, pg 63)

GA Indictment Act 140

President Trump responded to the latest indictment from Georgia, on Truth Social, Tuesday morning (8.15.23)

Mark your calendar! President Trump will be presenting Irrefutable REPORT on the Presidential Election Fraud on Monday, 8.21.23 @ 11am ET 

Trump Truth

President Trump Attorney, Alina Habba Comments on Trump's GA Indictment from Fani Willis  link

Oh, and speaking of Georgia's rigged elections, here's a video compilation of the hypocritical Stacy Abrams and her claims of a "Rigged Election". It's okay though, as long as it's not a conservative claiming claiming election fraud...

Stacy Abrams' "Rigged Election" link

For more Georgia Election Fraud proof, including the Ruby Freeman tapes, click here.



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