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Joe Biden Awards Infamous 2020 Election Worker, Ruby Freeman, with Presidential Citizens Medal

Joe Biden Awards Infamous 2020 Election Worker, Ruby Freeman, with Presidential Citizens Medal

Ruby Freeman, the notorious election worker who was caught on surveillance video engaging in highly suspicious activity during the 2020 election in Atlanta, Georgia, was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal at the White House on Friday.

During a White House ceremony recognizing the 2nd anniversary of the January 6 riot, Biden honored Freeman, her supervisor daughter Shaye Moss, and ten other individuals.

The White House portrayed Freeman as voting rights heroine who had suffered cruel right-wing harassment in the aftermath of the election.

“Inspired by the voting rights legacy of her beloved Atlanta, Lady Ruby Freeman viewed her civic duty as a Fulton County Election worker as a sacred mission so the people of Georgia could exercise their fundamental right to vote freely and fairly,” a White House staffer said during the award ceremony Friday.

Freeman and her daughter were seen on the surveillance video pulling boxes filled with ballots out from under a table at State Farm Arena after supervisors had told poll workers they had quit for the night.

Freeman was employed by the temporary agency Happy Faces Personnel Group, which is a contractor to the Fulton County, Georgia Elections absentee ballot department, and linked to Stacy Abrams.

In December 2020, the surveillance video was released to the public as part of a Georgia Senate Committee investigation.

After Freeman, Moss and another election worker retrieved the ballot boxes from underneath the table, the video shows Freeman and Moss scanning and rescanning stacks of ballots into an election computer.

The presidential race in Georgia in 2020 was decided by less than 11,900 votes. Election investigators estimated at the time that the late night ballot scans added between 20,000 to 40,000 to the overall vote totals.

After the surveillance video was released in December of 2020, Ruby Freeman allegedly attempted to become a whistleblower.

Last month, explosive audio of Freeman speaking with mediators at the Cobb County Police Department in January of 2021 emerged online.

The 911 call transcript, audio recordings, and police report were obtained by the Georgia Record via Open Record Requests.

Former President Trump, who shared some of the Ruby Freeman tapes on Truth Social, offered his thoughts on the new revelations: “At first she thought that they had been caught, got VERY nervous, and wanted to “spill the beans” on everyone. Then the SOS, GBI, FBI, calmed her down, helped CLEAN her social media, took her away (for two months!). SHE THEN CHANGED HER STORY!”

Among other things, Freeman disclosed that she had met with representatives from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Justice in an apparent attempt to blow the whistle on the sketchy election-night activity at State Farm arena.

That activity included election workers apparently re-scanning absentee ballots and having improper access to voting computers via USB ports.

On January 4, 2021, Freeman agreed to speak with Trevian Kutti, a publicist who was working on the Perdue re-election campaign in Georgia, and Harrison Floyd, a former Trump Campaign worker, at the police station after she had called the police on Kutti for knocking on her door. He had come to her house to offer her his assistance after hearing through the grapevine that she was interested in becoming a whistleblower.

After her unsuccessful meetings with State and Federal officials, Freeman told the responding officer she was uncertain of whom to trust, but ultimately decided to meet with Kutti at police headquarters and by phone with Harrison Floyd.

Freeman indicated in her 911 call and to the responding officer that she was interested in finding out what Kutti could do to help her clear her name,  and expose the coverup by the Georgia Sec. of State and the FBI.

“Yeah. Well yes. What I want to do when the officers come, the people said they were close. They, I want them to come back and tell me what it is they can do for me while the officer is
here,” she told the 911 dispatcher, referring to Kutti and Floyd.

At the police station, she can be heard complaining about Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s and the FBI’s lack of action. She said that when she met the FBI and DOJ, all they did was tell her to scrub her social media.

“It’s all a fraud,” she said. “I know that I need an attorney. And even when I met with Secretary of State …they didn’t ask nothing else about fraud, they didn’t ask about an attorney. So, I do want an attorney. I know I need an attorney. I haven’t answered any questions because I don’t have an attorney.”

Freeman added that the FBI had not reached out to her. “They reached out to me only to uh clear my social media,” she said.

Freeman also seemed to admit that in the late-night hours of Nov. 3, 2020, she was pressured by her supervisors to illegally scan ballots after observers had been removed from the absentee ballot central count at State Farm Arena.

"And he said and they was saying the count was low, it was really low and is there ah are all of the ballots counted? And so we got like there was a few more and we can get those
in the morning because there wasn’t that many. They said well count as many as you can – count all of them you know. So my daughter said Mommy, get on the scanner. But I didn’t scan so she said just do it so we could get on outta here. So that was when even nobody else was taking because there were no more work to be done so we said we can’t!  And they said lucky – because nobody was here. And when they said that, BOOM under the table. Cut the zip ties to scan them so the number would go up, so that’s how the number was created, by the ballots going through the scanner. So when all of them were done, we got the final count and we put them back in the bucket and the boxes and the bucket and zip ties and put ‘em back under the table. So that’s the reason the ballots came from under the table and we re-opened them up."

Freeman said there was a lot more she could tell them, but she needed to consult an attorney first.

“It is serious. It is deep. It is so real … They will believe it because I’m good at explaining myself if I’m right,” she said. Freeman said she was ready to go “live” with what she knew about the improper use of USB ports at State Farm arena, but she would need to speak to a lawyer first.

"But the USB ports, but really, I really, I would love to go live with that because the ballots is history. Even though my name is still lingering but if they want to do it (Inaudible) But now it’s the USB ports, so I need an attorney, I want to go live, I’ll go live on every platform. And it will blow your mind. And you are going to be amazed at that picture…” “I want an attorney and I want to go live.  And I need an attorney and I can tell you then. But everybody needs to know how dumb they are."

Freeman eventually did get lawyered up with seven high-dollar attorneys: Michael J. Gottlieb Partner, Willkie Farr & Gallagher, LLP, Eleanor Walker, Associate, Willkie Farr & Gallagher, LLP, Meryl Governski, Associate, Willkie Farr & Gallagher, LLP, John Tyler Knoblett, Willkie Farr & Gallagher, LLP, John Tyler Knoblett, Willkie Farr & Gallagher, LLP, Rachel; Goodman, Counsel, Protect Democracy, John Langford, Counsel, Protect Democracy, and David A. Schulz, Senior Partner, Ballard Spahr—before she testified before the January 6th Select Committee May 31, 2022.

Gottlieb and Hunter Biden were previously partners in the law firm Boies Schiller Flexner.  In 2016, Romanian real estate tycoon Gabriel Popoviciu hired Hunter to run an influence campaign to persuade anti-corruption prosecutors to cut a deal after he was charged with bribery in his country.  Gottlieb helped Biden execute the extensive propaganda and persuasion campaign for Popoviciu, who was eventually convicted, while Hunter’s father was Vice President.

Gottlieb is also an attorney for Aaron Rich, the brother of slain DNC employee Seth Rich.

Freeman has raised $294,043 on GoFundMe, and her daughter Shaye Moss has raised $255,373.

In front of the January 6 Committee, Freeman claimed nothing was amiss during the vote counting process at State Farm Arena on the night of November 3, 2020.

“I’ve lost my name, I’ve lost my reputation, I’ve lost my sense of security—all because a group of people starting with No. 45 and his ally Rudy Giuliani decided to scapegoat me and my daughter Shaye, to push their own lies about how the presidential election was stolen,” she testified.

The White House stressed that Freeman is a voting rights heroine who was victimized by the right during the ceremony Friday.

“In the 2020 election, she upheld that sacred mission despite an orchestrated campaign to overturn the election, and that targeted and threatened her family. To the nation, she bore witness to the trauma and tragedy of that experience, and today, we the people honor Lady Ruby Freeman as part of our nation’s voting rights history,” the White House staffer said.

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(updated 3.7.22)

ALL 374,128 in-person ballot images in Fulton County are missing in violation of federal and state law

Over 4,000 ballots were all scanned at the exact same time

Not possible, as the machines are not capable of processing more than one at a time.

Over 104,994 ballot image files were electronically manipulated

"What we normally see is a 1 second delay between the two. What we're seeing here in this case is several minutes...we have further delays of several hours...6 hours...5 days...that is not supposed to happen."

Fulton County Georgia Ballot Fraud 11.3.2020 Caught on Security Cameras

With a GA judge ordering the audit of 145,000 mail-in ballots in Fulton County it is important to remember how events transpired on Nov. 3.

There were over 106,000 ballots adjudicated in Fulton County.

Video footage shows everyone cleared out of the State Farm Arena on election night, but 4-people stayed behind & continued to count ballots in private from around 10:30 pm until 1:00 am.

This included scanning the same sets of ballots multiple times.

In GA, Biden received 98% of a 23,487 batch of votes at 12:18 am.

The largest & most anomalous vote update happened at 1:34 am on Nov. 4, with 136,155 votes going to Biden and 29,115 votes going to Trump.

A statistical analysis of 8,954 vote updates, categorized this specific 1:34 am update as one of the top four most anomalous in the country.

There are nine witness affidavits testifying to stacks of unusual mail-in ballots with "pristine sheets, no creases, and perfect bubbles" that went "all for Biden".

>>> Garland Favorito files motion to proceed with immediate ballot inspection in Fulton County, Georgia. 

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