Fauci Exposed!

Fauci Exposed!

HIV AIDS - Covid - Animal Abuse

[Dr. Mullis Exposed Dr. Fauci]

Dr. Kary Mullis was awarded the Nobel Prize for developing the Polymerase Chain Reaction, the PCR.  The PCR is a method of analysis and was not designed to test for a virus.

The PCR can detect anything you’re looking for, depending how high you turn it up.  And this is exactly what has been done, creating an onslaught of false positives to skew the results. 

They call it “asymptomatic” because it’s a lie. These people don’t have symptoms because they don’t have Covid-19.  They do it today because they’ve done it in the past and have always gotten with it.

Dr. Mullis was hired to measure HIV in people’s blood samples with his PCR. He was working under the premise that HIV was the probable cause of AIDS.  But when he went looking for the proof, there was none. They just made it up. “This whole thing is a big sham” -Dr. Mullis

Mullis pointed out how the CDC was losing money, and how the HIV AIDS connection brought their profits back in the black, and how the men at the highest levels were all in on it.

Dr. Mullis repeatedly tried to expose Dr. Fauci, the NIH, and the CDC, in the media, but his efforts fell on deaf ears.  He recently passed away at 74 years old, just prior to the Covid-19.

Dr. Robert Willner was another doctor who questioned [to put it lightly], Dr. Fauci's intentions, specifically with the AIDS epidemic...


[Dr. Willner Exposed Dr. Fauci] 



The same game plan is being used with the Corona Virus in 2020 with Dr. Fauci and his poison vaccinations.

HIV does not cause AIDS.... The point that everyone is missing is that all those original papers Gallo wrote on HIV have been found fraudulent.... The HIV hypothesis was based on those papers. — Peter Duesberg


How the Lie Began

In 1981, it was proposed that an acquired immune deficiency was the basis for a new syndrome of diseases [AIDS] that appeared to be surfacing amongst promiscuous male homosexuals and intravenous drug users. Dr. David Durack, of Duke University, a recognized expert on infectious diseases and the immune system, though admitting the prevalence of drug use and repeated multiple infections, ignored these well-known causes of immune deficiency and announced that this "truly new syndrome" must be due to "some new factor". Continuously this group of scientists has resorted to theory, not fact, as to how the AIDS virus supposedly accomplishes its dirty deeds. The words, "it is thought", are constantly used in casual conversations or in the non-scientific articles and popular magazines and books.

In the scientific journals or at lectures the theory is presented as established fact although there are no facts involved. It is portrayed as an established truth and therefore is accepted as such by most scientists, including physicians. The so-called HIV virus is still referred to as a "new" virus despite the indisputable evidence to the contrary. Incorrectly, the virus has been characterized as "attacking" or "infiltrating" the immune system when this is impossible because it is not alive and does not invade. Retroviruses are engulfed by the cells and incorporated into the cell's life processes.

In 1983, Dr. Gallo embarked on a mission to convince his fellow scientists, in the absence of any scientific experimental proof whatsoever, that another virus he had discovered caused AIDS.

At a widely publicized press conference held in Washington, D.C. on April 23, 1984, Dr. Gallo announced that he had discovered the cause of AIDS. He claimed the unearthing of a new retrovirus which he had named HTLV-III, thus inferring that it was a member of the family of retroviruses he had previously discovered. His claim was bolstered by Margaret Heckler, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, who was under great pressure to come up with some answer to the looming "epidemic". Heckler announced, "Today we add another miracle to the long honor roll of American medicine and science." She also promised that we would have a vaccine within two years, undoubtedly because of Dr. Gallo's grandiose urgings.

That very day, Dr. Gallo filed a U.S. patent for an HIV test kit which was destined to make him very wealthy. Dr. Gallo, unquestionably very knowledgeable in retrovirology, chose to set aside the facts and became the spokesperson. The benefits to Dr. Gallo are money and power; but the costs to humanity are suffering and countless unnecessary deaths.

Margaret Heckler very quickly awarded the lucrative contract for AZT to Burroughs-Welcome Pharmaceutical Company before the first scientific paper ever appeared in any U.S. journal.

AZT was a drug in search of a disease. It had been sitting on the shelves of the National Institutes of Health since the 1960's. It was an experimental drug that had failed as a cancer remedy and had been declared too toxic to use. Retrovirology had gained importance because of Nixon's "War on Cancer" and the belief that a retrovirus might be the cause of cancer in humans. This approach seemed logical at the time because retroviruses typically prompted cells to multiply – a characteristic of the cancer process. This is directly opposite to the cell destruction that normally occurs in viral infections. Not only did that war fail, AZT failed, and retro virologists came up empty-handed after twenty years of intense and arduous research.

In 1986, The International Committee of Retro virologists named HIV the cause of AIDS. By giving credence to the hypothesis in the absence of proof, they became party to the conspiracy. It is just what one would expect when frustrated unsuccessful foxes are left to guard the hen house.

Adding to Dr. Gallo's blatant disregard for all established scientific requirements for validation of his claims, it was eventually discovered that HTLV-III was a retrovirus that had been sent to Dr. Gallo more than a year before by Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute in Paris. On several occasions, Montagnier had sent samples of the virus he had isolated in the blood of some AIDS patients for Gallo's evaluation. A scandal erupted and a battle ensued over the credit for the discovery and the rights to the patents. It took the intervention of the French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac and U.S. President Ronald Reagan to reach an agreement that resulted in the sharing of the proceeds and the credit for the. It is truly characteristic of scoundrels to quarrel over the spoils of fraud.

It is important to point out from the beginning that the acronym AIDS represents the official and scientific designation of the "disease", ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME, which is discussed, examined, and critiqued in this book. The inevitable conclusions which a growing number of many prominent scientists have reached, and which I am sure, you will also, is that AIDS fits neither the definition of a disease, nor of a syndrome. It is merely the lumping together of an ever-increasing number of diseases and symptoms, to fraudulently create the impression that an epidemic exists.

Keep in mind that Gallo and his cohorts have been getting away with the most elementary and unscientific ploy one could imagine. They have avoided performing scientific controlled studies that would be universally accepted as proof. Such studies would unmask their fraud. They have instead relied on fear, intimidation, sensationalism, greed, ambition, envy, and the need for recognition. In this way they have coerced and stupefied an army of followers into believing what, in the past, would have been laughed at, or dismissed as coincidence and/or "anecdotal".


Consider the following question

When the great flu of 1919 took the lives of millions of people in the United States, why didn't the entire population succumb?

When the great bubonic plague destroyed one-third of the population of Europe, why didn't the other two-thirds die also?

Why didn't everyone die?


The Answer:

When an epidemic destroys its susceptible population, it ceases to exist. In other words, it is the inability of the individual's immune system that determines the degree to which an individual "falls ill" or whether he becomes ill at all. As Pasteur is purported to have exclaimed on his deathbed, "It is not the organism; it is the terrain!" If this were not true, then everyone, in the examples cited above, would have gotten the plague or the flu and all would have died. In fact, the first disease on earth would have been the last! The deceivers of infamy have succeeded in creating a chain of events that have destroyed logic and common sense, and in their place, established the following "Commandments" for science, government, the press, and the public:


The Ten Commandments of Fraud

  1.  Coincidence is proof of cause and effect.
  2. Circumstantial evidence is direct evidence.
  3. One example proves the rule.
  4. One guess supported by another guess creates a fact.
  5. Saying it is so, makes it so.
  6. Don't confuse the issue with facts.
  7. Proof is unnecessary and should be avoided.
  8. Lie, lie, lie, and they'll believe it.
  9. Silence, ignore and suppress the truth.
  10. Replace reason with dogma, fraud, and blindfolded fear.


The repeated use of these commandments by the conspirators prompted T. C. Fry to comment in his book, The Great AIDS Hoax, "...the presence of what they call HIV in the disease [AIDS] is no more proof of cause than the presence of flies in garbage proves that the flies are the cause of garbage." There could be an exception however, if you consider that the "AIDS Gang": Robert Gallo, Anthony Fauci, William Haseltine, Max Essex, James Curran, Flossie Wong-Staal, Dani Bolognesi, Margaret Fischl, Margaret Heckler, et al., are the flies; then indeed, the garbage was created by them!


A Glimmer of Light

Character assassination in response to challenge is tacit evidence of an indefensible position

— Dr. Robert Willner


In 1987, the light of truth had begun to pierce their facade. For these conspirators, it was the harbinger of their downfall.  It began when Dr. Peter Duesberg, an international authority on retroviruses, published an article in Cancer Research which shook the very foundations of the HIV/AIDS theory. Many scientists were stunned by his position but impressed by its truth. 

They concede now that the virus can't do it alone; that the "co-factors" are necessary. However, we have known that the "co-factors" have caused immunodeficiency for many decades, by themselves, long before HIV was discovered. It is HIV that is not necessary for AIDS.


How could they get away with this incredible fraud?

How could this happen? Surely, it's not possible that a fraud of this magnitude could ever escape the scrutiny of the thousands of scientists throughout the world who have been researching the many avenues of investigation into this "modern day plague". It all began with the retro virologists whose area of expertise is so arcane that most scientists in other fields are quite unfamiliar with it.

"After a frustrating 20-year-long search for a human cancer virus, the club [the retro virologists] was craving for some clinical relevance for the retrovirus and hence, happily adopted HIV – the AIDS virus – as the cause of AIDS." He went on to explain the impact of the powerful promotion that made the AIDS hypothesis "instant national dogma". The billions of dollars in funding, the economic interests of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and the tremendous notoriety from the press which was too much to resist. In wondering why only a handful of scientists questioned the AIDS hypothesis, he cited, "...the conformist pressures on scientists, particularly young, untenured scientists, in the age of biotechnology. Their conceptual obedience to the establishment is maintained by controlled access to grants, journals, and positions, and rewarded by meeting engagements, personal prizes, consultantships, stocks and co-ownership in companies."

The National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, the Centers for Disease Control, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Food and Drug Administration have all seriously jeopardized their credibility and motives by their active participation or silence in the face of such an obvious fraud. Because it is hard to believe that individuals at that level are that stupid, one must assume that incredible government pressure was brought to bear. The most obvious and usual pressures are funding, perks, and the fear of dismissal. Take your choice: incompetence or corruption.

Duesberg is a good example of what can happen to one of the most respected scientists in the field. He is world-renowned, an elected member of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences, and recipient of the distinguished NIH "Outstanding Investigator Grant" (only 23 in the country). He also discovered the genes which cause cancer (oncogenes) and was recommended for a Nobel Prize. He is an international authority on retroviruses, and a Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of California at Berkeley. It is rumored that his $350,000 research grant was to be terminated last year, and his appeal is to be judged by a committee that includes Gallo's mistress, Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal; and Dr. Dani Bolognesi, now a wealthy patent-holder on HIV tests. These individuals could rob us of great talent.

Intimidation has been unrelenting and vicious. Duesberg wrote that he had been "...labelled a bigot for considering [the] daily administration of psychoactive and immunosuppressive chemicals more likely to be the cause of AIDS than a chronically dormant and almost chemically undetectable retrovirus. The nation's leading AIDS researcher accused me of being an advocate of promiscuity [to paraphrase it politely] for questioning the viral etiology of AIDS." Could it be that our scientists were more interested in fostering Puritan values than in presenting scientific truth? The facts will speak for themselves.

Instead of answering the sea of questions that shook the very foundations of the AIDS hypothesis, the vested establishment insulted their opponents, barred debate, and even cancelled a White House meeting, refusing to participate to demonstrate the "insanity" of even questioning HIV and AIDS. Their criminal arrogance is an affront to all of humanity. Initially, Gallo and his co-conspirators could have possibly been exonerated based on ignorance and stupidity. However, to block open scientific discussion, to use political and economic power to silence opposing points of view, and to suppress or ignore basic scientific fact and logic, is irrefutable evidence of their criminal intent.


To be pious while blaspheming another is merely a reflection of one's own character. 

— Dr. Robert Willner


This is all too familiar with what we are going through with Covid-19.  The players are the same.  The institutions are the same.  It’s the same game because it’s worked for them already.

It’s up to us to take a stand. Be Loud!  #DoNotComply!

[Evidence of Fauci's Animal Abuse]


This video is REAL evidence of REAL beagle dogs in REAL serious pain and eventual death.  And this evil man, wants to give the experimental "vaccine" to your CHILD!  This must end now!!

Please watch with caution

What can WE do about this?

  • Share this video and/or posts from #BeagleFreedomProject
  • Call Fauci's office directly and let him know what you think of him: 301.496.2263
  • Contact any Law Enforcement Officer, government official, ANYONE & EVERYONE and let's get this sick bastard arrested, at the very least!
  • Cite Public Law 116-72, signed in 2019, making animal abuse a FELONY!! https://www.congress.gov/116/plaws/publ72/PLAW-116publ72.pdf
  • Sign the petition to end any funds for these experiments: BFP.org/NIH
  • Donate to the Beagle Freedom Project: https://bfp.org/donate
  • Submit an application to adopt and save a dog's life: https://bfp.org/rescue
  • Download the Beagle Freedom Project's mobile app called Cruelty Cutter - https://cruelty-cutter.org/  on Android and IOS. With this app, you can scan product barcodes to check their cruelty free status.
  • Follow Beagle Freedom Project for more information:

The Beagle Freedom Project is taking all 'high road' legal avenues to bring this to light.  Here's their latest letter to Dr. Fauci:

[Fauci Exposing Fauci: Emails!]

ICYMI: Fauci's emails should have ended him long ago!  Here are a few, but the rest are linked below in the credits. See for yourself and draw your own conclusions:



CLICK HERE for evidence of Fauci's lies under oath, gain of function research funding, medical suppression, etc!  https://uncensoredstorm.com/gof

Is this enough to lock him up and throw away the key? 

...asking for a friend. 

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