Fauci-CV19 Dossier by Dr. David Martin

Download the complete 205 page Fauci/Covid19 Dossier Here: 



Date 8/10/2021

Wasn't the Nuremberg Code supposed to prevent this kind of thing?? What is this? Nazi Germany? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuremberg_Code Is ANYONE going to do anything about it??


Date 9/8/2021

Yes! Here's some more info: >> America's Frontline Doctors vs US DHHS Case 2:21-cv-00702-CLM filed on 7.19.21 CDC 45,000 CV19-VAX Deaths Lawsuit https://bit.ly/2WZlYub >>1,000 LAWYERS AND 10,000 DOCTORS FILE LAWSUIT FOR VIOLATIONS OF THE NUREMBERG CODE https://www.uncensoredstorm.com/nuremberg >> video graphic https://rumble.com/vksxov-ethics-principles-for-human-expiramentation.html >>DR. STELLA IMMANUEL SUES CNN AND ANDERSON COOPER FOR $100M https://www.uncensoredstorm.com/dr.stella >> Dr. Ardis https://www.uncensoredstorm.com/ardis

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