Farmers in Biden's America  (updated 6.23.22)
6.23.22 Update
Just Months Prior to the Heat Stroke Cattle, the FDA Approved Genome-Edited Cattle for Use in Meat Production

Via Jordan Sather: Three months ago the FDA approves the first genetically engineered cows for the market, bred with CRIPSR tech.  These cows are supposed to be "bred for climate change" and heat resistant.   Now you're telling me 5,000 cows died last week, "due to a heat wave"??   I bet those dead "heat wave" cows are going to be used to sell the new GMO cow technology..... You see what I'm saying?

The FDA approved this 'fake cow' just this past March (2022).  
"They were bred with climate change in mind, and they have extremely slick, short hair, which is said to help the animals cope with hot weather more effectively.  

The cattle breed, known as PRLR-SLICK, was developed using a genome-editing technique called CRISPR, which is used to breed animals with specific traits. Unlike genetically modified organisms (GMO), which typically involve adding genetic material from other organisms and result in a plant or animal that would not exist in nature, gene-editing utilizes genes already native in a species, resulting in an organism that could, theoretically, occur through a natural breeding process.

The federal agency called the decision to introduce the beef cattle to be raised for meat “low risk” after determining that the intentional genomic alteration (IGA) of the cattle does not cause any safety concerns. Pending a forthcoming safety review, the meat could land on shelves in as little as two years.

In a press release, the FDA explained that IGAs are “alterations made using molecular technologies that introduce changes to the genome of an animal.” According to Successful Farming, a “precision breeding” company called Acceligen in Minnesota is responsible for utilizing the CRISPR technique to produce the slick-coat cattle. It’s not the first to use the technology on cows, however. In 2020, researchers at UC Davis used CRISPR technology to breed a cow, named Cosmo, designed to produce 75-percent male offspring."

[Read full article HERE]

*in my best infomercial voice*  But wait, there's more..

Guess who benefits financially from this mass cattle heat stroke?  Would you believe me if I told you Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci?   Of course you would.  I'm gonna show you proof anyway.. ;)


> Farmers speaking out in original post below.

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6.21.22 Original Post
Farmers in Biden's America

"We're Barely Making It": Furious Farmer Goes Viral Explaining Why Food Prices "Are Going To Go Up"

Ohio farmer Holly Weilnau took to TikTok two weeks ago to explain how farmers are suffering under inflated input costs, which is going to send the price of food much higher than it is right now.

"There are things that we have to buy," she says, adding "There's something we have to buy that two years ago cost us $24, last year was about $46, this year it is costing us $96."

"Please understand, food prices are going to go up," she continues. "You wanna act like it's the farmers' fault—it is not the farmers' fault. We are barely making it to grow the stuff so you guys are able to get it in August, September, October."

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