In Memory of Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko
Dr. Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko 1973-2022
Father, Husband, Doctor, Scientist, Freedom Fighter

Thank you Dr. Zelenko for all you have done and shared for humanity.

Dr. Zelenko fought until the very end.  His life, his words and his battle will NEVER be forgotten.  Our heart goes out to Zev's family and friends and to all of you for your overwhelming prayers and support.  He truly loved ALL of you more than you could ever possibly know.

In Loving Memory of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

"God gives us the ability to make certain choices, so that we can develop a relationship with the eternal within."

"Anxiety lives where God-consciousness is absent, so we have to fill ourselves with the spirit of God and use that and rely on him ... and that will give us the fortitude to be the David that slays this Goliath."

A Truth Warrior and a Deeply-Human, Kind Soul: Paying Tribute to Dr. Zev Zelenko

Dr. Robert Malone: "What an example for the world. What a kind, gentle soul."

Steve Bannon: "Dr. Zelenko was as kind an individual as you could ever meet, and he was attacked mercilessly. Why? Because he had this concept that therapeutics [could] help us take care of this and cut the mortality."

Zelenko Freedom Foundation

Twitter just banned the account for the Zelenko Freedom Foundation.  Yes, they banned the account of a non-profit foundation that was recently founded by world-renowned doctor Vladimir Zelenko while he was dying.  As many of you know, the brave and heroic Dr. Vladimir Zelenko unfortunately passed away yesterday.

Twitter has consistently engaged in practices to silence and suppress prominent doctors, scientists and political opponents without just cause but this has to be the most vile, cold-hearted and spiteful example of their biased censorship to date.

Please share this far and wide across here and Twitter until they are forced to respond.

The following are videos I have posted from Dr. Zelenko

Dr. Zelenko's 1st Video To President Trump 3.2020

This is Dr. Zelenko's Monumental First Video to President Donald Trump from March 21, 2020.  This will go down in history as one of the most important videos ever made. Dr. Zelenko's desperate plea for early, prehospital treatment and the use of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and other drugs was the beginning of a MASSIVE movement across the US and the entire globe.

This is the foundation of the world-renowned Zelenko Protocol, a treatment that has shown an 85% reduction in hospitalizations and deaths globally and has been verified by peer-reviewed studies.

Dr. Zelenko: This is a Global Bio Weapon Attack 10.2021

Dr. Zelenko: Link Analysis of NIH Research 1.2022
Zinc Ionophores have broad-spectrum antiviral properties against RNA viruses such as COVID-19. The emerging scientific data from peer reviewed journals and clinical trials show that zinc ionophores, including Quercetin, may have significant effects against COVID-19. Zinc ionophores transport extracellular Zinc (Zn2+) ions across a cell membrane, and have been studied for their antiviral and anti-cancer activities. Studies show Quercetin is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound contained in abundance fruits and vegetables - it can be purchased over the counter in supplement form. Optimizations to Quercetin as a supplement can likely provide an even stronger effect against COVID-19 by including Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. This paper outlines the scientific research that provides the justification for bringing these four (4) molecules together in one capsule to optimize the immune system to fight COVID-19.

The Zelenko Protocol: 

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