A Texas physician whose claims about COVID-19 were touted by then-President Trump is seeking $100 million from Anderson Cooper and CNN, saying that they defamed her.  


Stella Immanuel came into the spotlight in July 2020 when trump tweeted a video in which she promoted the use of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine for COVID patients.  


Read the full article from The Mercury News.


So, aside from this being great news against the Mockingbird Media and the lies they spew, if/when she wins this, it would mean that there was never an emergency to begin with, that justified lockdown and ultimately the "vaccine" -- WHICH IS NOT A VACCINE!   Okay...wooo-sahhh...


They would have to admit to so much!  Mainstream media ignored, ridiculed, censored, so many doctors, scientists, and even President of the United States (!) for saying such a thing, pre-vaccine. 


And why did they censor Donald Trump? That's easy.  They hated him and wanted everyone to hate him [didn't work, btw].  Everything President Trump said was to discounted as a lie or flat out ignorant.  When, in fact, that job was already taken by the MSM and far left.


And why couldn't they let the doctors and scientists speak up?  Aside from agreeing with their enemy, DJT, the Deep State NEEDED this tragedy to last.  They already failed at their four years trying to rid the White House (and world) of Trump.  This was the ONLY way they could "win" back the presidency.  In other words, they think we're stupid.  Some are.  But we won't get into that right now. 


There's one more reason the Deep State needed this tragedy to play out in the most dramatic, longest way possible.  They've been planning this since at least 2015, as you see from all of the Covid patents.  Oh hey, that reminds me. Thank you, Rothschild family, Gates family, et all, for that paper trail!    


They never thought HRC would lose.  She was "the closer" to this 16 year fiasco.  If they were to release this flu - oops, I mean deadly virus - during one of HRC's terms in the White House, they would be revered as heroes for the vaccine, saving millions of lives from this horrific event!  


If this happened in an HRC term, and all went along as planned (this is all just my humble opinion obvi), they could terrorize people longer with the lockdowns, bankrupting the masses, making them desperate for government salvation.  Then they could swoop in with the already approved "vaccine" and save the day.  


But would they?  Save the day, I mean.  No, of course not.  If the "vaccine" was FULLY APPROVED, they could REQUIRE it.  And we are all finding out the horrible crap that's in the poisonous "vaccine".  And if they can require it... well, you've heard about the plan to decrease population, right?  


Okay, I've rambled a bit.  I could go on and on.  Pretty sure no one will read this anyway, but I'm shunned to speak of these "crazy conspiracy theories" with family members, so I gotta get it out somehow!  Haha


Anyway, this was supposed to be about the HCQ lawsuit.  Maybe another time I can stay on topic.  But to sum it all up...the can of worms has officially been busted open!


Stay ready Patriots.  The other side - although much smaller group of people than they'd have us believe - is violent and they will not be happy with what is coming.  But nothing can stop it.  So grab your popcorn and ready your homestead.  #NCSWIC




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