Silenced Doctors

So many doctors and scientists are speaking out, still adhere to their Hippocratic oath and take it very seriously.  Let's make sure they're heard and their sacrifice has not been for nothing.

Please watch this compilation of several silenced/censored doctors regarding Covid 19 and its vaccines.


Dr. David Martin: From Pathogen to Profit 

Dr. Martin Exposes the Corona Virus Patent Details & Who is Involved

Below are several more interviews, speeches, and documents from the brave doctors who have been working hard to get truth to We The People.  

Many of these doctors have been fired if they worked in a [corporate] hospital. 

[please note: I am just one person.  Surely there are many more doctors and scientists speaking out and saving lives, who are not on the list below. This is in no way, a complete list, but I'm confident that you can learn many truths from these great, selfless minds.] 


Dr. Robert Malone [video] Inventor of mRNA technology.

Dr. Robert Malone  & Dr. Bert Weinstein [video] Covid vaccine and its spike proteins.

Dr. Robert Malone [video] Warns the Covid vaccine is making the virus more dangerous.

Dr. Peter McCullough [video] Discusses the current scientific facts.

Dr. Peter McCullough [video] Five Covid facts to end the pandemic!

Dr. Michael Yeadon [video] Former Pfizer President: “You're being lied to”.

Dr. Michael Yeadon [video] Former Pfizer President with warning.

Dr. Michael Yeadon [video] His final plea.

Dr. Kary Mullis [video] Nobel Prize winner/inventor of the PCR; Exposed Fauci. 

Dr. Lee Merritt [video] Regarding the mRNA Covid vaccine. 

Dr. Lee Merritt [video] Regarding masks. 

Dr. David Martin [video] Children are being murdered with the vaccines.

Dr. David Martin [video] Covid is not a virus, it’s a bioweapon.

Dr. David Martin [video] This vaccine is not a "vaccine" as legally defined by CDC & FDA.

Dr. David Martin [pdf] Fauci/CI9 Dossier.

Dr. Bryan Ardis [video] Exposes Remdesivir protocols of Fauci, CDC, NIH, WHO, & FDA.

Dr. Christine Northrup [video] Explains vaccine shedding.

Dr. Rand Paul [video] Do Not Comply!  Follow the science and choose freedom.

Dr. Jessica Rose [video] in FDA public hearing w/ proof that the risks outweigh the benefits.

Dr. Charles Hoffe [video] on the Moderna vaccine.

Dr. Charles Hoffe [video] Children & the Covid vaccine.

Dr. Scott Jenson [video] Covid vaccine is Coercion-Born Chaos.

Dr. Scott Jenson [video] Sweden & Denmark halt Moderna for <30 year olds. 

Dr. Ryan Cole [video] Shatter Covid myths.

Dr. Byram Bridle [video] Speaks to the spike protein dangers of the Covid vaccine.

Dr. Simone Gold [video] Talks about her effective and successful use of Hydroxychloroquine on her patients that go her fired.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi [video] Vaccine triggers a reaction that's potentially lethal.

Dr. Christina Parks [video] Calls out segregation for failing Covid vaccine.

Dr. Dan Stock [video] Speaks to Mt. Vernon School Board and offers his expert testimony free of charge.

Dr. Peter Doshi [video] Merriam-Webster dictionary changed the definition of “vaccine” to fit the Covid mRNA vaccine.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman [video] "asymptomatic" does not exist.

Dr. James Neuenschwander [video] Proof that the Covid vaccine is not safe.

Dr. Manuel Aparicio [video] Chlorine Dioxide treats & cures Covid.

Dr. Fleming [video] VAERS is not recording accurate numbers.

Dr. Richard Urso [video] Hydroxychloroquine propaganda.

Dr. Vernon Coleman [video] Discusses our current genocide.

2018 Dr. Robert Baric [Video] Discusses Opportunities to Profit During a Pandemic.

1994 Dr. John Coleman [Video] Warning of NWO, Depopulation.

1991 Book [pdf] by Dr. John Coleman "Committee of 300".

1991 Dr. Robert Willner [video] accused Fauci, NIH, MSM of genocide during the Aids pandemic:


Susan Pierce, [video] CDC worker/whistleblower.

Anonymous [video] Health Practitioner.

ICU Nurse [video]: "You're Being Lied to".

Karen Kingston [video] Pfizer Whistleblower.


The truth about Anthony Fauci:

America's Frontline Doctors v DHHS
Case #: cv-00702-CLM
Case Filed: 7.19.21
Full 67pg Case Link:

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Rafael Perales

Date 12/9/2021

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