Trump Indictment Timeline

The Trump Indictment Timeline is more than a coincidence, it's a witch hunt. But, here's the thing: nothing can stop what is coming.

The Facts

3/17/23 Hunter Admits to his Laptop

3/18/23 Trump Indictment (NY- E. Jean Carrol, AG Bragg)

6/8/23 FBI Doc Alleges Biden Bribe
6/9/23 Trump Indictment (FL- Presidential Records Act- Declass Docs)

7/17/23 IRS Whistleblower Transcript released
7/20/23 FD 1023 Form Released Showing Biden Bribes
7/26/23 Hunter Plea Deal Collapses
7/27/23 Trump [Superseding] Indictment (FL, NJ- Declass Docs)

7/31/23 Devon Archer Testimony Transcript Released
8/1/23 Trump Indictment (DC- J6 Conspiracy)

8/9/23 More Biden Bank Records Released
8/9/23 Comer: Joe & Hunter to be Subpoenaed
8/11/23 DOJ (illegally) Designates Special Counsel (Weiss)

8/14/23 FBI Whistleblower Transcript Released
8/14/23 Trump Indictment (GA- RICO- Election interference)

...Stay Tuned!  


Image Credit: Blue Eyes

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