The Official 'DEVOLVED' Film Series
As you may have easily figured out by now, I am a huge fan of Patel Patriot's Devolution series and the films that Dauntless Dialogue makes based on the article series.  After watching the most recent release of DEVOLVED 5 (my absolute favorite so far!), I felt compelled to start a thread for the videos, and reach as many people as humanly possible.   

There is so much research and hard work that goes into these projects and I'd love to be a part in getting these masterpieces out to the masses!  I'll be updating this page as new videos in the series are released.  Scroll down for the latest, leave some thoughts in the comments.  All source and follow links are listed below at the end of the post and will certainly grow as time goes on.

Let's go...

If the 2020 US presidential election was rigged against Donald Trump, is it possible the military was prepared well in advance of this election to monitor for fraud? Is there any evidence to indicate that white hats in the American government knew Biden would steal the election and caught him, triggering a continuity of government plan to save the republic?  Based on the research of Patel Patriot, DEVOLVED is a series investigating the concept of “devolution” which is when a government’s chain of command is decentralized to circumvent the Constitutional provisions for succession.

DEVOLVED | Vol 1 - A Fortified Election
released 12.28.21

DEVOLVED | Vol 2 - Two Sides of the Same Coin
released 2.5.22

DEVOLVED | Vol 3 - A New Cold War
released 3.15.22

DEVOLVED | Vol 4 - Drain the Swamp
released 5.3.22

DEVOLVED | Vol 5 - Revelations
released 7.2.22

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