DEVOLUTION - You DO NOT Want To Miss This!
You may remember my previous blog post regarding Devolution, or a post on my first Uncensored Storm FB page [currently in "fb jail", posting on 2.0 here for now].  

Anyway, Patel Patriot has now written 13 articles and 3 Addendums, and as he says on stage, is totally convinced - as am I - that President Trump enacted Devolution prior to leaving office.  

If you don't currently want to read all of his articles right now, you may feel differently and want to dig in after you watch him speak of his series and his research.  


Eye opening, right?! 

Patel Patriot mentions PEADs, the Presidential Emergency Action Documents. I have a little clip from the mainstream media acknowledging and worrying about President Trump's possible PEADs.  The left is DESPERATE to see them!

AR Pamphlet 500.30; Continuity of Government:

DNI Ratcliff:

Executive Order 13848 which was RENEWED by BIDEN 9.7.2021 

Executive Order 13961 "continuance of government" aka #Devolution

Read Patel Patriot's Entire Devolution Series:

Follow Patel Patriot on his Telegram Channel and participate in the conversion!

Thank you Patel Patriot for all of your hard work, research, and dedication!

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