As the image states, Devolution is the transfer of political power from central to sub natural government that ensures the continuity of government. President Donald J. Trump may have implemented Devolution and, as a result, is still POTUS.

Authored by [pseudo name, obviously] Patel Patriot, this series of articles lays out how he came to this theory, along with citations, screenshots, videos, and detailed explanation of happening since Trump's Presidency began in 2017.

It's a very interesting, and quite possibly eye-opening [wink wink --SHARE to red pill]. Take the time to read each one linked below, especially if you're doubting the progress and inevitable end result.. #Trump2021

I'll update with more parts of this series as they become available. You can also subscribe to Patel's website for notifications directly from him.

Here are the links to the series of articles from Patel Patriot:

[Nothing can stop what is coming]

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