Devolved | Vol 5 - Revelations (Trailer)

Dauntless Dialogue

Patel Patriot's Speech on 10.24.21

Devolution SeriesAR500.30: Continuity of Govt | DNI Ratcliff 

Devolution Power Hour Dives into January 6th

Full Power Hour E63 | Rumble Link | More on J6

They Fear President Trump's PEADS

Audio is not synced well, sorry | Rumble Link | More on PEADs

Power Hour: Corrupt Elections

Ramsland ASOG Forensic Rpt | Full Power Hour E62

Patel Patriot's Power Hour: EO 13848

Devolution 19 | Full Bannon Clip | Full Power Hour E51

Devolved 1: A Fortified Election

Dauntless Dialogue

Devolved 2: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Dauntless Dialogue

Devolved 3: A New Cold War

Dauntless Dialogue

Devolved 4: Drain the Swamp

Dauntless Dialogue