Special Counsel will be unsealing the government's witness list today. 

Durham's team requesting the sealing of the gov't's witness list: 

Judge Anthony J. Trenga granting the Special Counsel's request to seal the witness list until sometime this afternoon: 

"Beginning in March 2016, Danchenko was hired by former MI6 Intelligence Officer Christopher Steele to work for Orbis Business Intelligence and to investigate Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Michael Cohen, and others in or associated with the Trump Campaign. Information that Danchenko provided was placed into the Steele Reports or Company Reports.

Steele’s Sub-Source.

Some of that information would later be used as part of FISA warrant applications targeting Carter Page and the Trump Campaign.

One problem, though. Well, as regards this case, one REALLY REALLY BIG problem for ole Igor, here.

He lied. A lot."

I'll update as info comes in...

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