covid vaccine is not a vaccine

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance:

"The Pfizer Inoculations for Covid-19 Are Doing More Harm Than Good"


Dr. McCullough, Dr. Gold: Sweden Study Shows CV19VX Installing DNA into the Human Genome

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Attention All Parents: Do Not Vaccinate Your Kids

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"SADS": A Code Name for Vax Death

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Attorney Todd Callendar Discusses the Pfizer, Moderna Genocide

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Dr. Craig: Pfizer Has Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children

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Dr. Naomi Wolf Breaks Down Latest Pfizer Doc Release 6.2.22

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Dr. McCullough: Covid Vaccines are Causing Death

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Dr. Cole & Dr. Urso Discuss Immune Dysregulation

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Dr. Wolf's Legal Team is Suing Pfizer

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Dr. Malone: FDA KNEW Viral Reactivation Signal was a Major Adverse Event of the Vax

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Attorney Thomas Renz: Criminal Prosecutions

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Attorney Thomas Renz: Remdesivir Whistleblower Info

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