covid vaccine is not a vaccine

Dr. Tedros: Countries Are Using the Booster To Kill Children

'Fact Check': "Speech Error/Slip of the tongue" lol | SourceRumble Link

12.8.22 | New Pfizer 'Vaccine' Fact Sheet by the FDA

CDC mRNA Clinical ConsiderationsPfizer Fact Sheet PDF | C19 Vax Govt Portal | SourceRumble Link

Archbishop Vigano: NWO Plan of Mass Devastation via Vax

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How it Started vs How it's Going

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The Canadian Covid Care Alliance:

"The Pfizer Inoculations for Covid-19 Are Doing More Harm Than Good"


Dr. McCullough: Emerging Problem of Organ Rejection After Vax

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Fired Pediatric Nurse Tawny Buettner Gives Emotional Testimony Re: Vax Induced Myocarditis

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NY Hospital Commercial for the Normalization of Pediatric Myocarditis

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Dr. Northrup Discusses Infertility, Fetal Malformation, & Still Births of the Vaxxed

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"Died Suddenly": This Is Not Normal

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Smart Kids: Teacher Asks Students About Vaccines

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New Study Finds Organ Recipients Rejecting Transplant After Receiving C19 Vax

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Dr. McCullough, Dr. Gold: Sweden Study Shows CV19VX Installing DNA into the Human Genome

Sweden  StudyRumble Link

Dr. Victory: New Data on Boosters in 18-29 y/o Adults

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Attention All Parents: Do Not Vaccinate Your Kids

Article | Steve KirschRumble Link

Dr. Alexander: 25 y/o Athlete Diagnosed w/ Myocarditis After Vax, Now on Heart Transplant List

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Dr. Ayoub MD in 2005: Medical Establishment Facilitating the Depopulation Agenda

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Dr. McCullough: Justice Will Be Served

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"SADS": A Code Name for Vax Death

Article | Child CV VX InjuredSteve KirschRumble Link

Dr. Fuellmich: It's About Life & Death, Population Control To Achieve the NWO

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Attorney Todd Callendar Discusses the Pfizer, Moderna Genocide

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Jim Breuer Reminds Dr. Birx How Destructive Her Lies Were to the Public

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Dr. Craig: Pfizer Has Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children

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Dr. Wolf Breaks Down Latest Pfizer Doc Release 6.2.22

Pfizer Docs | Interim Adverse EventsRumble Link | Blog post

Dr. McCullough: Covid Vaccines are Causing Death

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Dr. Cole & Dr. Urso Discuss Immune Dysregulation

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Dr. Wolf's Legal Team is Suing Pfizer

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Dr. Malone: FDA KNEW Viral Reactivation Signal was a Major Adverse Event of the Vax

VAERS Full InterviewRumble Link

Attorney Thomas Renz: Remdesivir Whistleblower Info

Renz Law | GiveSendGo for Renz Law | VX Death ReportRumble Link

Attorney Thomas Renz: Criminal Prosecutions

Renz Law | GiveSendGo for Renz LawRumble Link