US Biological Weapons Network Final Report
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The Russian Military recently dropped a new finalized report on the entire US Biological weapons scheme.

They claim that the four masterminds atop the biological weapons network are Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, and George Soros. As well as 12 other NATO countries knew of and assisted the US in this operation to develop biological weapons. They also include the US pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Moderna, and others. 

It’s difficult to find legitimate western sources to share this information, as none of them are addressing this at all. Complete radio silence on Russia accusing the sitting president and past three Democrat president families of being responsible for Covid 19 and the US biological weapons network in Ukraine. And the Chinese military are in agreement with Russia and their findings. 

Complete blackout on Western Media.

BioClandestine is still trying to find translations of the entire briefing, but can give an overall synopsis while we wait on full translations. 


This is why control of information is so important to them. Think control of Twitter. Think Disinformation Governance Board. They cannot have this information circulating. Two nuclear superpowers just accused the Clintons, Bidens, Obamas, and George Soros of facilitating a scheme to utilize US DoD funds to create biological weapons in Ukraine, funneled through Hunter Biden and Rosemont Seneca through Metabiota, to create the pathogens, and then reap the money from vaccines to fund their political campaigns via Pfizer and Moderna, to further their stranglehold on information and ultimately all human life.

Here is the first page outlining the US plan to utilize drones to facilitate the unleashing of pathogens in aerosol canisters. BioClandestine was made aware of this via RedPill78 and John Mark Dougan back in February.

Now, here we see the actual receipts and photo evidence of a biological facility in Ukraine. They are hiding stashed biological material. 

The images on the top, look like official English documentation of some sort, but cannot make out on the bottom. Waiting for transcripts to get a full understanding, but the Russians claim this is the proof of US biological weapons and they have a lot more!

You’ll also notice this facility does not look secure at all. It’s not a laboratory, is a black site stash house with highly suspect equipment. Far beyond negligence when the result of these pathogens getting out is what we just experienced the past 2 years and (allegedly) killed 6.26 million people.

Now, think about the absolute magnitude of this. 

Russia and China are directly accusing the last three US democratic presidents, and George Soros, of conducting a multiple decades long plan to create a biological weapons network internationally, to create pathogens so they could unleash them on the public to gain world control, using their control of the media and use the BILLIONS from forced vaccination to supply their campaigns and maintain control of information, so their citizens don’t find out about what is actually going on. 

Think about 2000 Mules and how the pathogens made way for this scheme, helps the DNC maintain control. 

We are in the middle of WW3, and all of Western media is complete blackout. 

Not a single shred of reporting on it. Anywhere. In a real world, the allegations themselves would be taken seriously and the world populace should know about it. Even if they aren’t true, we would still need to know that two world nuclear superpowers are accusing the US of creating bioweapons and might want to retaliate for slaughtering their citizens for political gain

This isn’t the beginning of WW3, we are in the middle of it. 

Covid 19 was first weapon fired, and it claimed (allegedly) 6.26 million lives. Russia and China have evidence suggesting the “US Democratic Party” are responsible for creating and releasing this weapon. 

Feels like “the precipice” to me.

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