Take a look at the photos attached.  I mean really look...

There are only eleven companies that own just about all the products we buy!  And get this.. your hard earned dollars are being donated to places you may not want to support. 

Since you're here, at Uncensored Storm, I'm guessing you're an America-Lovin'-Patriot.  I'm willing to bet that you love your freedom and everything that America and our Constitution stand for!

Take a moment to look at these brands and who they choose to donate.  Does it align with your beliefs?

Many companies you buy from donate to other corporations or charities that you may not want to support.  But how do you know?  You just buy what you need, considering price and convenience, and move on with your day.

For S&Gs check out the links below for a few resources where you can check the contributions of your favorite stores and brands.  

Corporate America's Political Party Contributions:

Companies who contribute to BLM:

Companies who contribute to Planned Parenthood:

Companies who are secretly owned by China:

So, if you raised an eyebrow or made a grimace, I got you

Let's 'speak up' with our dollars and stop supporting their agenda.  Instead, let's support those small Patriotic businesses who believe in similar values.  We really can make a difference with how we spend our money on the daily, and help keep America's small businesses, not just afloat, but FLOURISH!??

Check back often, because I'm on a mission to make this list as long, informative, and with as much variety, as possible!

[If you're a Patriot business owner and have an America First mindset, please contact me directly, or comment below]


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