30 Days of Devolution (updated 7.7.22)
Patel Patriot: 30 Days of Devolution
Daily Nuggets from his Devolution Series

As if he's not doing enough for this movement, Patel Patriot has decided to send bite-sized nuggets of info from his series into the world.  He has indicated that they won't be in chronological order, just what he feels compelled -likely relevant to the chatter from the day- to post.  

Thank you, Jon.  You are a True (Patel) Patriot!

I'll be updating this post with his daily posts, so make sure to bookmark.

Read his entire Devolution Series here: https://www.devolution.link

Let's begin, shall we? 

30 days of Devolution 
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Day 5 | 7.7.22 | Wartime President

Devolution couldn't be implemented on a whim. In order for Trump to pull this off, he needed both a reason and the authority to do so. 

Reason = the actions of our enemies constituted an “act of war”  

Authority = his role as Commander in Chief along with legal precedent that "the courts “would not dispute” him on “measures necessary to repel foreign aggression.”

Day 4 | 7.1.22 

While there was a “transition,” don’t forget what the Trump DOD (Kash Patel included) was keeping from the Biden admin. 

They refused to provide intel about current special ops…

Why would that be?

This wasn’t a normal transition of power. 

Day 3 | 6.29.22 | More on EO 13848

The IC assessment was due on 12/18/20 but wasn’t provided until 1/7/21 – the day after the ECV.

That same day, DNI Ratcliffe submitted a letter in opposition to the IC assessment. 

Ratcliffe's letter provides further evidence that there was foreign interference in our election, and that it specifically came in the CYBER REALM. 

Foreign interference in our elections is an act of war.


Day 2 | 6.28.22 | A Short Thread

.On 09/12/2018, Donald Trump issued EO 13848 – Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. 

This EO showed Trump’s focus on our fraudulent election system and that he knew there was foreign involvement.

The whole basis for Devolution is that Trump caught the election theft. The events surrounding EO 13848 provide plenty of circumstantial evidence telling us he caught them. 


EO 13848 was chalk full of nuggets (pictured) but what I want to focus on is what it required of our Intelligence Community. 

EO 13848 called for an assessment from our IC 45 days after the conclusion of the election on whether there was any foreign interference. The assessment was late due to disagreement within the IC (I’ll cover this in a future post) but when they released the assessment, our IC admitted something of a bombshell...

“Russian, Chinese, and Iranian government-affiliated actors MATERIALLY impacted the security of certain networks during the 2020 Federal elections.”

They admit that foreign actors compromised our election infrastructure but tell us they didn’t do anything nefarious? How many robbers break into a jewelry store but don’t steal any diamonds?

I’ll have more on EO 13848 in future posts.

Day 1 | 6.27.22

Just two days after Joe Biden was declared winner of the Presidential election, Donald Trump began making a series of personnel moves at the Pentagon which many in the MSM considered irregular and unprecedented. The moves seemed centered on irregular warfare and special operations.

Why wait until Joe Biden was declared the winner? 

Why would a supposedly outgoing President make these moves at all? 

What the heck was Trump up to?


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